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Journal Leven Valera's Journal: Ever notice how every Subway is an award winner? 2

So I dashed into a Subway last night for a sandwich, and as the Sandwich Artist(c) was making up my quasi-chicken breast sub, I noticed the framed "Most Increased Sales for a Month, Month:August 2002" certificate on the wall. And two things occured to me:

1. It was 1 August, 2002.

2. Every Subway I've ever fed from that was located in the continental US has won some award certificate. "Cleanest Bathrooms". "Most Improved Team Morale". "Most Pickles Served".

Does the Subway chain do this on purpose?


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Ever notice how every Subway is an award winner?

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  • I personally like to see companies earn awards. The type of awards given out would totally depend on the context. Usually "most" or "best" awards don't thrill me too much, because someone will always be the "best", or tied for that position. The entire group doesn't have to try above and beyond what they normally do to produce a "best". I think that it is worth it for the head company to provide a small award indicating who is the "best", but that type of an award should be displayed in the back room.

    On the other hand, awards that indicate a certain level of performance that can be earned by everybody, are good awards to me. For instance, if they sold a lot of healthy food, or reduced their trash down to x bags, then that would say something to me. This gives every restaurant incentive to achieve a certain standard eventhough other competitors already achieved it on a regular basis.

    What are your thoughts?

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