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Comment Re:Only ranks major ISPs (Score 1) 186

Um, no. You are misreading the units of measurement. Lowercase "b" is bit. Uppercase "B" is byte. The unit in the article is byte, and there being 8 bits in one byte. To convert the speed in the article to the units that you are taking about, you would want to multiply by 8. Therefore, Google Fiber averages 20.4 Mb/s in the units that you are referring to. That's a pretty good average for service in the US.

Go back and read the linked article again. The graphic clearly shows the units as Mbps. Bits. The grandparent is correct.

Comment Re:Other non-placebo treatments (Score 1) 824

I can't help thinking elevator mirrors have more to do with making the small space not seem so claustrophobic, as well as giving people a mirror in which to groom themselves on their way to work in the morning.

He's talking about the mirrors outside the elevator, for people waiting for the elevator to arrive. Not mirrors inside the elevator.

Comment Re:Can it display PDFs? (Score 1) 385

I do not normally use acroread either (although I do have it installed). I am currently using xpdf, and have used evince successfully as well. I think the same thing is applicable. It isn't because it is acroread that it requires XEmbed, it is because we're trying to use it in Chromium that it requires XEmbed. Try adding the needs_xembed for evince.

Comment Re:Can it display PDFs? (Score 1) 385

Oh, I just noticed this:

(mozplugger changelog)

Version 1.13.3 adds functionality to allow possible working around mozdev bugs 22065, 22715 and 22723 by adding a new flag needs_xembed. The flag needs to be added or removed from mozpluggerc to allow application keyboard focus for the combination of browser and application used. The default mozpluggerrc does not use the flag so add were required.

Have you tried setting the needs_xembed flag? I think that is linked to why it works correctly in Chromium, so it must be set.

See this bug:


Comment Re:Can it display PDFs? (Score 1) 385

I have the same problem with chromium, I don't know what the deal is. Even mozplugger doesn't fix it (and chrome/chromium will use mozilla plugins automagically these days. and they often work — flash does.)

mostly I try to quick view PDFs these days, but that's even worse than downloading the PDF if you have poor bandwidth.

Mozplugger does fix it as long as you use a recent version. Anything 1.13.1 or greater works (returning XEmbed = true to the browser is what fixed it I think).

I have been using xpdf to view PDFs in Chromium for quite a while now.

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