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Submission + - Wesnoth creator releases new open source game (

LethargicParasite writes: From the original developer of Wesnoth comes the open source side-scroller Frogatto, available for free on Linux, Mac, & Windows. Their website describes the making of the game and its highly modular game engine, their development of Frogatto Markup Language (FML) for describing game data, and their development of the Frogatto Formula Language (FFL) for calculations within FML.

The game combines excellent old-school 16-bit-style graphics with enchanting music, clever dialogue and story, and an adventurous protagonist.


Submission + - Open-source game Frogatto released for free ( 1

LethargicParasite writes: The open-source Frogatto is now available for free on Linux, Mac, & Windows. A paid version is available for the iPhone. Their website describes the making of the game, their development of Frogatto Markup Language (FML) for describing game data, and their development of the Frogatto Formula Language (FFL) for calculations within FML. The terms of the open source are similiar to Penumbra Overture's.

The game itself is good too.

Comment Re:There is another model out there that fits this (Score 1) 462

Just... imagine reading Harry Potter and being told you have to pay for the Ron character. Would the book be as good without it? Would your enjoyment of the non-DLC'd version be hindered by the knowledge you don't have the full version?

Personally, I would prefer not to have Ron at all rather than being given the privilege of paying for him.

Comment Re:cops (Score 1) 251

What kind of experience can you have with pot that makes you want it illegal? Did things taste too good?

I mean, IANA marijuana user, and I'm also pro-legalization of all drugs, but the effects of casual THC ingestion are minimal. I know this because Wikipedia never lies... And neither does a pro-marijuana website.

You're really asking us to consider two choices here: 1) People are thinking, non-hypocritical beings who have tried the drug, thought about its effects and the effects of legalization, and decided it was not a good idea to legalize it. 2) People are nonthinking, hypocritical creatures who think all "bad" things, whether they've attempted them or not, should be illegal, regardless of the consequences of illegalization.

I know I really poisoned the well here, but... that's how I see it.

Comment I can't believe they are doing this... (Score 1) 147

...when there are already successful anti-piracy methods in the market. Has changing the firmware ever worked? No. Has suing the distributors ever worked? No.

If these people had actually sat down in a room and looked at a PowerPoint detailing what anti-piracy methods have and have not worked in the past, they would have released an online marketplace alongside their handheld consoles. Not only would that have killed piracy, it would have killed competing consoles.

tl;dr: If you want to compete with piracy, then you need to be more convenient than piracy. Steam and iTunes are perfect examples of this.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 330

So how would you feel about having a single button labelled "Shoot enemies" that, when pushed, shoots all of the enemies on the screen? It'll translate what you want into what happens much more accurately than a mouse will.

That's bad gameplay, not a bad input device.

Comment Re:I hope this succeeds (Score 1) 23

Eureka! Thank you. The blur is created by the eye, not the display.

If your eye is following a moving object on a sample-and-hold display, there will be a discrepancy between where your eye expects the object to move to and where the object is displayed on screen. This discrepancy is the blur.

Learning is good.

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