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Comment Re:Thanks Obama (Score 1) 68

There of course is no opt-out for having EMR even though it's perfectly reasonable to believe that the medical and insurance industries are completely unprepared to secure patient records from theft. Someone can break into my doctor's office and steal paper records, but they can't steal 5 million at once, they sure can't do it from the other side of the planet and corporate and government Big Data information leaches can't analyze what is not online. I know statistically EMRs will save lives, but the consumer should have a choice. As it stands I avoid the doctors, I avoid medication that could hurt my reputation and I have no faith in pharmacies not to share data about patients.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the early 80s (Score 2) 37

Driver-less cars is an R&D money pit with no chance of return on investment. I would hope companies know this, but they too afraid to let another company get ten years ahead on the technology and achieve total domination when the driver-less nut finally cracks in 2035 when there will finally be any possibility to sell enough volume to turn a real profit. IMHO.

Comment Re:You can't tell who the responsible buyers are (Score 2) 633

I agree with all of the above and I'd add when it comes to statistics it's very hard to put a number on the amount of times a person displays a weapon to discourage a violent confrontation and never reports the incident. I don't know anyone personally who has fired a weapon in defense, but I've heard many stories in my personal circle where a violent encounter was averted by the potential victim displaying a weapon. These incidents often go unreported.

Comment Re:Be an Entrepreneur (Score 1) 174

I'd concur with that. Someone has to have the entrepreneur work ethic, proven track record and secret sauce in order to have a chance. Asking how to get from idea to paycheck in an online forum is about like asking how to get your horse to finish law school. How to get from idea to paycheck is like asking the meaning of life. There are many answers that seem plausible, but no one answer that works for everyone.

Comment Re:Exactly Right (Score 1) 138

Not that this article has anything to do with guns, but American gun owners would be fine with background checks and registration if we had assurances that registration would not lead to confiscation. As it stands we have no reason to trust the gun-phobic liberals not to take it too far, because it's clear they don't respect our rights.

Comment Standard padlocks and combo locks (Score 0) 222

Basically every pad lock or combo lock with a U shaped shackle is pretty easy to defeat from what I've seen. On at least three occasions I've removed locks with only what I happened to have at hand when I needed to remove the lock. Two steel rods that comprise part of my old Honda's tire change kit stuffed through the shackle and used in a scissor motion did a nice job of applying enough force. Most of the time if it was that hard to defeat the lock it wouldn't be that hard to break whatever apparatus to which the lock is attached. There are secure lock setups of course, but they tend to be bulky and more expensive. Most of the time locks are just an example of how the honor system works better with a modest deterrent.

Comment Re:"Reset to factory settings" button (Score 1) 151

A way to reject software updates or uninstall updates that break the device functionality is kind of a must also. Factory reset would be ok for that. They broke my TV with an update that was forced on me and I had to wait four months for another update that fixed it. It's my fucking TV I should have a choice.

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