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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can a felon work in IT? 10

Lesrahpem writes: I'm a felon with several prior misdemeanor convictions from an immature time in my life. I've since cleaned up my act, and I want to go back into the IT sector. I keep running into potential employers who tell me they'd like to hire me but can't because of my past record (expunging won't work, I'm in Ohio). Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Should I just give up and change careers?

Submission + - OSS Games for Linux-based Arcade Machine?

Jason Thistlethwaite writes: "I work for Quasimoto Interactive, maker of the Arcade Station line of arcade machines. We're creating an arcade machine based around an embedded PC running Linux which we want to preload with a wide range of open source games. We'd really like input from the open source community on this. What open source games would you like to see on an arcade machine?

The machine in question has full analog joysticks, a d-stick, and plenty of buttons, so complex games requiring a lot of buttons to play are not out of the question. Also, I'm already aware of MAME, and it will probably be included (or available as an option) for the system."

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