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Comment You lack imagination (Score 1) 273

Besides the fact you can print more than just "plastic", many times in manufacturing you use a tool to make the tools you need. This may be a jig or it can even be a mold which can be used to create something from plastic, resin, chocolate, ceramics, wax, or even metal.

3d printers are not a one stop manufacturing facility, it's a tool in your workshop.

Comment Re:3D printing hype was always bullshit (Score 1) 273

Actually, 3d printing is changing how we manufacture things almost as much as CAD and CNC did when they were brought in. If you manufacturer hard objects and you haven't at least looked into 3d printing, you're years behind your competition.

Most human creations are subsonic and not very exciting, you don't have to travel faster than sound or colonize Mars to change the world. More to your point though, they are talking about sending a 3d printer to Mars and use it to build the habitats prior to colonization.

Comment Bre petis was a salesman. (Score 1) 273

Maybe he himself believed it, but regardless, there was ZERO chance Makerbot was going to start a revolution.

A key problem is demographics, which apparently no one (including Stratsys and 3D systems) bothered to pay attention to, the bottom line is that not everyone is a maker. For the price of a Makerbot you can build a pretty decent garage woodshop, or buy a (cheap) dekstop CNC mill, but does the average person have one? No, because most people don't have the time, skill or willpower to actually do it.

Comment I'm sorry, but what's your job again? (Score 1) 119

If Linux was more prevalent, you probably wouldn't have a job.
Hate MS all you want, but if your job there is to fix these problems. No problems = no job. Stop trying to make your job redundant, you should be praising MS for keeping food on your table.

And no, you aren't paying for it, you're paid to deal with it.
It may seem like a subtle difference, but your paycheck says otherwise.

Comment Re:Gesture typing (Score 1) 37

This depends A LOT on which keyboard you are using.
Swype! has been pretty good until a recent update, after clearing the dictionary/cache it cleaned up and started doing well again.

Google did okay-ish, but Swiftkey and several others I've tried were a complete joke, sometimes not even using my own language. In other words, you may need to try a few before you get one that works well for you. That said, I will not go back to pecking.

Comment Re:MacBook Air on ebay (Score 1) 187

Pentalobe Drivers are like $3 on Ebay, but you REALLY want to spend the the money on a Wiha, which fits far more precise. I also recommend a brand new set of screws as well, not only because they are pre-threadlocked, but also you will probably damage one getting it out. And that's just to get inside, it only gets worse inside.

Sadly, Ipads and Surface tablets are worse... Never again.

Comment Re:MacBook Air on ebay (Score 1) 187

Airs always rate low on repairability, 90% of the 11in form were sold with only 4gigs and usually a small ssd, which has a proprietary connector, newer models even use Apple's pentalobe screws (which are ridiculously small and easy to strip).

On top of that, battery life is atrocious is Linux and you have to fix a resume problem.

Comment Samsung NP300U1 (11.6in screen, 3rd gen i3, 8gigs) (Score 1) 187

Sometimes called the Princeton, NP300 or just 300.
11.6in screen, 3rd gen Core I3, 8gigs ram, 2.5 pounds, standard 2.5in drive (easy to add SSD) same form factor as old netbooks. Battery life could be better, but still a fantastic little machine. Not always easy to find, but the last one I saw on Ebay went for well under $100, you could add an ssd and 8gigs and still be under $200.

Takes to Linux, Windows or even Mac well.

Comment Re:Macbook Air (Score 2) 187

Not only that, most were sold with only 4 gigs of ram (blah) and they don't exactly take to Linux well.
My 2014 gets 3 hours on Mint (with power optimization), 5 hours on Windows and 9 hours on Mac. Linux also had an issue with sleep if I remember right. It can be fixed with some effort, but the battery will always be an issue.

Comment This will keep happening until someone is sued. (Score 3, Insightful) 96

I'm amazed no big company has stepped up to do it yet, how much are companies spending fighting all of these?

Microsoft only stepped up it's game to stop the fake updates when they wanted to display ads in the OS, which tells you exactly how much these companies really care about it, so long as it's not truly effecting their bottom line or putting them at risk of being sued they won't bother. There's a reason ads have such a bad reputation and it's one that's well deserved.

Besides adblockers, switch your dns to OpenDNS, they block most ad networks so your blocker has less to do.

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