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Comment Re:It Believes (Score 1) 222

You say a terrorist will just change tactics based on how we are looking for them. But there are things that a terrorist can’t change – national origin for example, or are difficult to change - their name for example. And nobody is trying to reduce the risk to zerothe goal is to reduce the risk as much a practical. Putting more obstacles in the path of the bad guys does that.

Comment It's too bad (Score 1) 518

It’s complicated for a peripheral observer like me. What am I supposed to do, just take as gospel that AGW is occurring? Every time I hear proof from one side I hear counter-proof from the otherthen I’m called a Neanderthal for not knowing what to believe. Too bad, cuz the way I figure it man is probably responsible for some of to much of the warming, and we should probably do something about it. And that brings me to my main point This whole carbon trading biz just reeks of inefficiencies and corruption. How is the original value for one credit set? How are the credits allocated? How can we validate that every carbon emitter emits the amount in accordance with his credits? It is way too complicated with arbitrary HUGE dollar values set by unelected, unaccountable entities. No freekin’ way. Guaranteed corruption. Then when a simple google on methods to capture carbon turns up plenty of potential carbon trapping techniques that I never hear Al Gore and Co. promote I get really suspicious. Again, too bad.

Comment Just fanning the flames (Score 1) 345

Did it really never occur to this guy that as temperate regions become to warm, colder regions will be temperate? I’m just as concerned about global warming as the next guy but such obvious attempts to panic the people into buying Prius’s only hurts the cause. Just like the deceitful, discredited tools at the CRU – they shoot themselves in the foot and we take the ricochet. Keep it real or keep it shut.

Comment Re:Job Performance (Score 0) 401

Are you kidding me? There is a reason military officers – and public officials - must adhere to a higher standard. Exposure to blackmail. “Listen, General, we need just a small amount of leeway on issue X, and we wouldn’t want you and your wife and kids to go through any unnecessary conflict if this issue should be made public.”

Comment Re:I pity them (Score 1) 88

Future NY Times article: Genetically altered mice released by Sandy mate with indigenous mice to produce mutant offspring. An upper west side 67 year old women and her dog were attacked by a seemingly well organized group of outsized common mice. Witnesses claim that the mice, some the size of small pigs, would hesitate and direct their attention to what appeared to be their leader whenever they heard a series of repetitive high pitched squeaks. The woman was last seen bleeding profusely from the nose and ears as she yelled for her doorman and was pulled into a flooded culvert that drains central park. The dog, a registered competitive champion, chewed through itâ(TM)s leather leash just as the woman went under for the last time. The name of the dog is being withheld pending notification of relatives.

Comment Re:So I suppose Obama (Score 1) 805

There is a huge lack of perspective when it comes to Americaâ(TM)s place in the world. About the drone killings of US citizensâ¦what are we supposed to do? Just let them incite and plot against us in safety? We tried thatâ¦it doesnâ(TM)t work well. And you canâ(TM)t just send in the police to arrest them and bring them to the US. Think of how complicated and dangerous it would be to capture them and bring them back to the US. It is so easy to sit there and criticize, but if you were responsible for the safety of millions of US citizens would you just let the bad guys plot away? A leader has to assume that eventually they will attack and how would you feel if thousands were killed because you didnâ(TM)t act? And for those non-Americans out there - until youâ(TM)ve had airplanes turned into guided missiles killing THOUSANDS and then heard and seen right before your very eyes the same group plotting a repeat or more horrendous performance you have no right to tell us how to defend ourselves. We really are trying to do the right thing but people out there are trying to kill usâ¦Câ(TM)mon, cut us some slack.

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