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Comment A Lonely Place For Dying / Free-to-share (Score 1) 93

This is a slick indie production packing some great stylings. There's a little puzzlingly fast dialogue editing in the opening phone-call scene, but thereon-in the scripting's fun and compelling and the combination of minimally placed but well stylised CGI, expansive cinematographic moments and well-chosen location shooting make this worth following. I don't think it says anywhere on VODO that this method of distribution is meant to be a 'challenge to Hollywood' distribution, but there's no harm in framing it that way if it exposes the limitations of studio and festival hierarchies. P2P, or 'free-to-share' is an innovative solution to parallell demands: a way for independent filmmakers looking to expand their audience (who isn't?) to make their work available to a potentially substantial on-line public looking for new content. There are no claims that the donation model will totally finance a production, or necessarily come close, but generating an additional revenue stream is useful: I doubt the Yes Men turn their nose up at the additional 700,000+ downloads or $35,000 Vodo has earned for them so far, nor the producers of Pioneer One at the 3,000000+ downloads and $73k it's earned them so far by going down the Creative Commons route (figures are published on This means of distribution doesn't represent a 'revolution' in the sense of turning away from conventional distribution models, so much as an innovative, parallel channel enriching the possibilities of dissemination and discovery. Vive la Free-To-Share!

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