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Comment Re:I'm not surprised at the Pokemon figures... (Score 0) 63

While I don't want 'PiKAchu. PIKA!" every time I send a pokemon out into battle, I wouldn't mind if they updated the older (especially first 150)'s cries so they sound as nice as the DS generation's. Bored, have pokemon, want to compare? Catch a Kriketot or a Chingling and then go and find just about any of the first 150.

Submission + - Stupid Hacker Tricks (

infoworldjason writes: "Andrew Brandt put together a humorous, partial compendium of infamous boneheaded hackers, spammers, and script kiddies over here at InfoWorld: "But as any IT pro knows, the more complexity you add to a system, the more likely it is that system will fail in unanticipated ways. The same rule applies to criminals who employ complex webs of technology to further their misdeeds. And besides, despite their reliance on technology, cyberoutlaws are not robots themselves. More often than not it's what makes them human — greed, an inflated ego, loose lips — that ends up getting the better of them..." It's somewhat of a new twist on our Stupid User Tricks and More Stupider User Tricks amuse fests."

Submission + - Is Africa ready for Google and the new era? (

Al Kags writes: "In a groundbreaking move, Google has employed its first African, Joseph Mucheru to help set up its Africa operations in Kenya. Clearly serious about setting up shop in Kenya, Google aims to achieve three things with the move: First, to optimise the use of its applications in Africa, to make Google maps (and earth, I believe) more useful in Africa and to work on Google advertising further to ensure that Google ads are better monetized in Africa.

Mucheru says that they understand that bandwidth is an impediment and they aim to work on this. "Google understands that this is an impediment and is willing to go to the extent of buying international bandwidth that locals don't have to pay the current considerable premium they are."

I should like to hear more about this for sure. Coupled with the fact that my favorite ministry, the Ministry of Information and Communications, headed by the indomitable duo, Mutahi Kagwe and Dr. Bitange Ndemo is working extra hard to get fribre optic connection in East Africa through Kenya by mid 2008, we are in for interesting times.

However, we need to accept, Africa, that the largest impediment to our development is our cultural outlook — not the traditions and customs but the way we do business and our openness to new concepts. I recently had a meeting with a government official with regard to accessing some of the records that they have, digitizing it at my own cost and sharing the digital data with them for them to develop its use by wider sharing it. Amazingly, his first reaction was "absolutely not." Why? Because it is not done in government. When we got over that, we found that there is a huge fear with regard to what the information will be used for.

The same is true for business leaders in Africa. Fears such as "if I have a blog and allow people a free hand to comment on my views, how can I protect myself?" My position is that you only need to protect yourself from obsene and crude remarks but not as a recent executive asked me, from critisism. In fact, if your staff thinks that you are afraid of critisism, then you need to actively change that.

Of course information can be misused and so can the free use of applications such as the comments section of your blog. Of course a nicely elaborate Google Maps and Google earth can be misused by say, terrorists. But then, that cannot stop us from developing. Cars can be used as getaway cars in bank robberies and the like but that does not stop us from developing them?

If your business is to develop, then sharing information and interacting with a wide community is the way to build it in the new era. Its the only way to be ready for the likes of Google and Multiple Choices."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - World Shocked by Global Zombie Uprising (

Analise writes: "The world was shocked today when bloggers everywhere began posting about their experiences during a freak zombie attack that seems to be occurring planetwide. Authorities are stumped as to where the zombies came from. The bloggers just want a few cricket bats and some goldfish crackers to tide them over until the attack subsides.

In all actuality, today is the day when bloggers the world over are participating in an activity known as Blog Like it's the End of the World. According to the posting, "The idea is that your posting for that day is written as if a zombie uprising were taking place — around the world, and in your home town. You blog about how it's effecting you, what you might witness, rumours or news that you hear, and so on. [...] It's a collaborative event, so the more you comment on other people's posts, link to them from your blog, spread rumours and riff on ideas, the better!""

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Arrest a Ninja.

palewook writes: "For all the people that ponder who wins in Pirates vs Ninjas, it's the police. Italian Police arrested a former Russian soldier, who had been robbing farmers in Northern Italy. Dressed in an all black suit, a black head bandana, wielding a bow, and carrying a knife tied to his leg; the ninja's luck ran out yesterday. Attempting to elude police using his escape prowess and a bicycle, police found the ninja bandit hiding in an abandoned farmhouse."

Submission + - 10 million Pokemon's traded in Diamond and Pearl (

Pacman15 writes: "According to the last Japanese Famitsu online report, 10 million Pokemon characters have been traded online by players of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in both Japan and North America.

The article indicates that over 500.000 Pokemon's have been traded in Japan since the games release in September 2006. The games were released in North America on April 22nd, and will be released in Europe the 27th of July."


Submission + - Bush names anti-open source lobbyist as counselor (

Citizen Pain writes: "President Bush today appointed as his counselor a man who received $820,000 from Microsoft to lobby during negotiations over its antitrust settlement as well as to oppose the use, especially within the government, of "open source" systems such as Linux. Enron also paid him $700,000 in 2001 alone to lobby on the "California energy crisis" and thwart efforts to re-regulate the Western electricity market through price controls."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - World of Warcraft borderline racketeering?

jpolachak writes: I have been playing games for quite some time. I have even played some professionally. So I play World of Warcraft quite possibly the most dynamic and arguably the best game ever written. However I have had a severe problem with Blizzard(The makers of World of Warcraft for those of you who go outside). I woke up one morning and decided to check the auction house on WoW and see if my netherweave cloth had sold. Then I found out that my login did not work. I then decided to check my email and calm down. I then saw an email from Blizzard. It stated that your account was banned for using 3rd party software. I thought to myself are you kidding me. It also stated that if I wanted to dispute this the only way to accomplish anything was via email. So I then emailed account administration. I wrote a whole long article stating that I have never used 3rd party software. Hell I can't stand the people who use hacks in FPS games that I play. Well I then received an email in about 10 minutes stating that my account is being reviewed. Finally, after about 5 days I got a reply stating more or less we have looked at your account and our ruling stands. There was no information as to why I was banned. I then went through the whole process again hoping to get a different result. Hoping someone out there would believe me. Well in about a week after that I received more of the same email. However, none of the email ever told me what I did wrong. I have one question you need to ask yourself. Is it ok for Blizzard to never respond to people with the specifics or something as to why they were banned. I mean if you bought something at Sears you would expect that if you took it back and someone told you no. You would expect some kind of response as to why.

So my dilemma is this. I have started playing again. Not because I think Blizzard is doing things ethically but however because they quite possibly make the greatest game ever and I can help myself. So now how do I keep from getting banned again. Since I know that I did nothing wrong in the past? Thank You, Grotesk Gorefiend formerly Nekavon Burning Blade

Submission + - Partner choice 'shaped by father'

gollum123 writes: "Much as she might hate to admit it, a woman's choice of partner may depend a lot on her own father ( ). Scientists have found women who were treated well by their dad during childhood are attracted to men who resemble their father facially. But the link is lost on women who did not have good relationships with their fathers. Women in the study were asked to rate pictures of men's faces for attractiveness, and assess their relationship with their fathers. They found in women who reported more positive relationships with their fathers, there was a link between the faces the women found most attractive and their father's faces. The study was the first of its kind to use facial measurements to assess the similarity of the faces."

Submission + - How to deal with an abusive web host?

An anonymous reader writes: I recently sent a DMCA takedown notice to a hosting company, regarding a customer who was blatantly posting copyrighted material from my website, along with attacks against me based on sexual orientation. I was told that, because they agreed with the person's attacks, the offending content would not be removed. They also claim that copyright is irrelevant, because they agree with their customer's "comments." I couldn't believe this response, but upon Googling the name of this host, I found dozens of webmasters and ISPs complaining about legal threats and spam attacks originating from this company. What is the correct way to deal with this issue?

Submission + - AT&T to Block Content For RIAA/MPAA

Nom du Keyboard writes: Several sources are reporting an agreement between AT&T and the RIAA/MPAA alliance to block copyrighted material on their network. And as has been pointed out, AT&T has a lot of network, meaning most packets traverse a piece of it at some point. Money quote: "As AT&T has begun selling pay-television services, the company has realized that its interests are more closely aligned with Hollywood." Nice to know that their interests aren't aligned with their paying customers any longer.

Submission + - Legal password hacking?

An anonymous reader writes: I work for a company that hosts an application for one of the US Federal multi letter government agencies. I've just been asked to run "John the Ripper" against the Active Directory (Please no Windows jokes, K?) accounts we setup for them. Not just one or two accounts, but ALL the accounts which are made up of Federal Employee's.

Why? To see if any account is using a weak password. Now mind you we have followed or exceeded all the guidelines they have set before us (password length, complexity, history, age, etc.). The agency is rather paranoid with all the recent leaks of personal information.

When I was asked to do this, warning sirens went off in my head. Can they make me do this? What are the legal ramifications of doing this? Can I be held accountable? My gut is saying "What-ever you do, DON'T DO IT! These are federal employee accounts!". 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about doing this, but with all the new laws that have been passed I'm no sure.

Does anyone have good reference material backing my stance of not doing this. Or am I stuck hacking the accounts?

P.S. I will be calling my attorney in the morning for guidance. They just dropped this on me on my way out the door for the night.

Chairbot Walks You Around While You Sit 241

Gary writes "What do you get when you combine a robot and a chair? The Hubo FX-1 chairbot, of course. In what is perhaps my favorite robot design yet, this giant chair with legs looks like it came out of some ridiculous 80's sci-fi movie or something, but it's very, very real. HUBO FX-1 is two meters in height, and weighs 150 kg. The person sitting can control the robot easily using the built in joystick. Each ankle has a 3-axis force/torque sensor which measures the normal force and 2 moments. Each foot has an inclination sensor which measures the angle of the slope. Also, the rate gyro and the inclination sensor of the body allow the device to stabilize itself."

Submission + - Technology writing influences literature (

athloi writes: "Technology and science writers may shape the future of American literature, says a published author and technical writer from Utah. Where in the past newspapers disciplined writers to know their audience, today it's technology, and more of the writers up and coming now have technology in their background.,4382,660226327,0 0.html?textfield=Scott+Hatch"
The Courts

Submission + - Court Santions 'Anti-RIAA' Lawyer (

uolamer writes: "Last year, an attorney representing a woman sued by the Recording Industry Association of America claimed his client is innocent and asked a federal judge to levy sanctions against the association's lawyers.

Instead, in an unexpected legal twist, U.S. District Judge Terry Means ruled on May 16 that it was entirely likely that the woman was violating copyright law via the Kazaa file-sharing program — and ordered that her attorney be sanctioned for wasting the court's time with "frivolous" arguments.

CNET Story"

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