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Comment Re:Whither 9%? (Score 1) 866

Actually, there IS a corporate income tax -- the B&O tax, which is paid out of GROSS, not NET income. As a former self-employed contractor I used to have to pay it quarterly.

Also, there's little wonder that Bill Gates Sr. is supporting this bull. He doesn't have a job, per se, and doesn't generate "income" the way the rest of us yahoos do.

Comment Re:This research is FALSE! (Score 1) 1657

So you're saying it's perfectly reasonable to make an assumption based on data collected from the last 150 (out of 4.5 BILLION) years. A sample size of 0.0000033%

Or even if you were to limit the scope to earliest known homo sapiens (in order to prove "man-made" glboal warming) from 195,000 years ago, you're still talking about a sample size of less than 0.077%.

Hardly "undeniable," or even conclusive.

Comment Re:An ounce of Prevention (Score 1) 691

It's amazing how many times that this is considered a Microsoft problem when in reality its an organizational problem. Most companies are unwilling to invest in proper training and implementing solid security practices until an attack occurs. While its easy to pick Windows-based malware as a prime example of why organizations should shift from closed-source to open-source technology, the fact of the matter is that the problem is with how the network environments are managed. By locking down user desktops, implementing anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam solutions, in addition to inline IDS or IPS technologies, there is no reason something like this should be infecting any organization. I run multiple Windows PCs, and I don't have viruses running around rampant on my networks.

Comment Re:Virtualization is your friend, and also ... (Score 1) 189

Anything that lets Active X run, eg a Windows OS is an un-containable security risk. By that I mean that if you have a system that allows that stuff to run you have __NO__ security in that Logical Partition, and you have to be able to sacrifice the Image and start over.

What a load of crap. Can you actually prove what you just stated? Here are some facts for you to digest.

Any operating system / browser environment is just as secure as the users allow it to be. You can run Firefox with NoScript all day long, but how many of us have seen web pages that state "You must have JavaScript enabled to view these pages." A more savvy user would simply decide to either not use that website, or find an alternate way of doing what they need to without lowering the security on their system. However, less informed users might simply decide to create either a permanent or temporary exception for that site without considering the consequences. The same is true with Active X controls. I don't install any I don't trust, and most of the time, even if an application I installed adds an Active X control, I manually go into IE and disable any ActiveX controls I don't trust.

Secondly, anyone who runs their applications, or OS as either root or administrator opens him or herself up to attack regardless of the platform. The fact that there are many more Windows based attacks is because of two reasons. 1) Windows is easy to use, and therefore easier to manipulate, and 2) Windows still owns the lion's share of the desktop market, therefore attacks will have a broader impact. It is foolhardy and ignorant to suggest that any platform is inherently more secure than another. Each has their vulnerabilities, and each will have inexperienced users making bad decisions.


Submission + - Lego MMOG

syguy writes: "According to a press release by Colorado-based NetDevil, they are partnering with Lego Group to create a "massively multiplayer online gaming experience to further engage its [Lego's] dedicated and active community". Lego MMOG is due out in 2008."
United States

Submission + - Switching your Linux systems to the new DST

editingwhiz writes: ""Spring forward; Fall back." That's the way the saying goes. Some years I get it backwards, but I eventually catch on. I've never had to worry about my PCs getting it wrong before, though. Now, with the recent changes in the Daylight Savings Time (DST) rules, I do. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that both my Linux computers and I get the new rules right. Explanation at"

Submission + - Making a Ruckus in the Music Business

Jonathan writes: As college students all over the country devoured pirated music and movie files, Herndon-based Ruckus Network formed more than two years ago to provide a legal way for kids to get their download fix. The concept: Put entertainment files on a server and park it on a college campus — for a licensing fee — so students could download legitimate media files. They've updated their business model since then, and now anyone with an e-mail address that ends in ".edu" will now have free access to 2.1 million music tracks — all supported by advertising, on the website and on the proprietary player. The advertising is sufficient because the record labels have allowed Ruckus lower licensing fees than usual in exchange for a possibility to win college students back to legitimate sources of music. Or will this just verify college students' expectations that music should be free?

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