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Submission + - Australian surveillance 'out of control': 20% increase in 1 year (

Leinad177 writes: "Access to private data has increased by 20 per cent by Australia’s law enforcement and government agencies – and with no warrant. Australians are 26 times more prone to be placed under surveillance than people in other countries, local media report. In such a way, state structures accessed private information over 300,000 times last year – or 5,800 times every week, figures from the federal Attorney General’s Department showcase."

Comment Re:Cameras can see things? (Score 0) 107

I wish i could mod up that post, it's quite entertaining. However the article posted is mere speculation and will most likely turn out like flying cars or y2k . I'm all for being worried when a competent system is released. But until then i think that most of us are overestimating the ability of people in the world. I'm all for being wrong though, i'll gladly change my opinion on the subject if you can provide proof that a competent bug-proof program can handle everything you described and is ready for release anytime this year or the next. Anyways my original post was simply trying to point out how obvious it is that things with cameras invade privacy, this isn't news.

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