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Comment Re:Price Anarchy (Score 1) 692 go into a market one day and eggs are 68 cents a dozen and you go in the next day and they're $5.92 a dozen ... and you can go to the store management and they're looking at some graphs at the beginning of each day to set their prices but they're doing guesswork because the money fluctuates so quickly.

Sounds a bit like gas prices.


Submission + - World of Commodore 2012 Videos Published (

Leif_Bloomquist writes: "Videos of the presentations from the recent World of Commodore, held December 1st 2012 in Toronto, have been published on YouTube. The presentations range from new product announcements to remakes of classic Commodore games for iPhone, from animation and music performances to coding tutorials and discussions for retro platforms. The revived World of Commodore is held annually on the first weekend of December by the Toronto PET Users Group."

Comment Commodore 64 and 6TB Network Attached Storage (Score 1) 338

I have my Commodore 64 hooked up to my 6 Terabyte Network Attached Storage. For real.

I'm cheating a little, using an IDE64 and Ubuntu box as an intermediate, but it works quite well.

I did it as a "because you can" type of project. But it actually makes sharing files between my various machines (including the C64) really easy.


Submission + - World of Commodore 2012 December 1st In Toronto ( 2

Leif_Bloomquist writes: "The Toronto PET Users Group (TPUG) is pleased to announce the World of Commodore 2012. As a followup to last years's successful event, everyone is invited to join us for a weekend of all things Commodore. There will be information about and displays of a variety of Commodore computers, demonstrations of new hardware and software projects using Commodore equipment, screenings of Commodore related videos, vendors selling the latest hardware and software available for Commodore computers as well as classic hardware, accessories, applications, games and much more."

Comment Re:You want me to write manuals? Pay me. (Score 1) 299

I just don't feel any obligation to make it useful for anyone but me.

What about you 5-10 years from now? I occasionally have to revisit code I wrote on past projects, and I write my comments and documentation with that mindset - that the target audience is myself, some years in the future. It's extra work but has paid off for me.

Comment Re:Hate using my Email address as log in (Score 4, Informative) 75

This is where services like Mailinator are invaluable. Just create a throwaway email address for each of all these stupid logins.

I take it a step, further, though: I own my own domain and have made it a practice of using a custom email address for each site I need to log in to, i.e. . This way, each login is unique *and* I can track who is giving out my email address as spam.

Yet the emails all go to one central inbox, so it's not inconvenient to get/search the confirmation messages.

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