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Comment My 'old man' is coming out (Score 2) 407

Seriously... have you worked with US millennials lately? I'm in a senior position where I work and regularly get to interact with new hires that have some form of computer science or MIS degree and are unable to comprehend simple sql or even how to use excel. Sure they got great grades and can kinda sorta regurgitate the facts they had to memorize (and mostly forget) for their classes but God forbid you ask them to do any sort of independent thinking. On top of it almost without exception they always think they are the smartest people in the room.

Comment Re:Good grief... (Score 1) 681

You learn that stuff in the US to it is just everyone forgets about it. Part of it is because the testing regime in the US is all about memorizing. Common core is trying to change that but it is getting big resistance. Another part is there is a literal social stigma in the US against being smart or knowledgeable. There is a very large movement against being an intellectual. Either from blue collar workers that think education is for sissies or from religious fundamentalists who simply don't want to hear anything they disagree with.

Comment Re:They tried to raise prices 20% unnanounced (Score 1) 392

I bought an antenna off of Amazon that picks up all our local channels. Added a roku3 and subscriptions to Netflix and HULU Plus. Already have Amazon Prime. I then installed PLEX onto my computer to serve as a media server for the roku3.

Works wonderfully, was dead easy to setup. My wife and kids absolutely love it. The kids all have tablets and I installed PLEX clients onto those so that they can watch any of our movies or tv shows I have stored on the computer at any time.

We had AT&T UVERSE U350 and I believe after costs for new subscriptions we are saving about 95 dollars a month.

Comment Not just AIDS patients and not just in CA (Score 5, Informative) 134

My father in the mid-south had a 3 year long struggle with this infection. It has left him a completely different person (three tumors in his brain). This is a nasty disease that was previously sub-tropical and is making its way into North America. The treatment is really nasty.

Amphotericin B has terrible common side effects and the nurses had a nickname for it that was something like "Ampho the Terrible."

Flucytosine is also used and it has a dramatic effect on the mental state of the patient.

During the time my father was taking these medications he suffered kidney failure, massive weight loss, constant nausea and vomiting, poor impulse control (to the point that it was like he had no filter to stop him from saying or doing anything). I'm very glad my father is still alive but even two years removed he still is suffering the effects of this illness.

Comment Re:This is really egg on HP's face (Score 1) 59

I have been involved in the accounting and due diligence on several acquisitions in the 100's of millions and a few in the billions. If the executives want to buy a company bad enough they will downplay the findings and make the acquisition happen. Any time you hear about write-downs or other accounting issues after an acquisition rest assured management was fully aware of it. The auditors that look at this are good and will find these things.

The problem is the auditors also want repeat business so they will say what the executives tell them to.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 619

I don't have a detailed breakdown but according to the CBO over 25% of all Highway Fund expenditures are for "non-highway uses". Also "Congress allocates highway money to truck parking facilities, safety incentives to prevent operation of motor vehicles by intoxicated persons, grants for anti-racial profiling programs, magnetic levitation trains, and dozens of other non-road activities. The main diversion is to rail and public transit"

It is partially a revenue problem but as usual with our government it is also a SPENDING PROBLEM.


Comment Re:Not the phone (Score 1) 243

Republic uses the Sprint network which is absolutely awful in most of the country. Unfortunately for me if I want decent coverage I need AT&T and Verizon networks which are pretty much awful expensive. The reason my family doesn't use a smartphone is I refuse to pay the extortionist fees they bill. I worked in cost management for Alltel and Verizon Wireless and I'm painfully aware of how cheap it is for them to provide data service to us.

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