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Comment Re:Deficit. (Score 1) 242

The "sequestration" was not the best plan... it was supposed to force congress into making a decision on how to actually cut the budget because it was such a bad plan. At that's what I have heard the talking-heads say.

That being said. I think it's a pretty decent plan. As you said, you can find people that like every singe expendature and think it should be un-touched. Therefore, just cut them all equally. As a former member of the military, I guaran-fucking-tee, there is 10% that could be cut from pre 9/11 budgets without a threat to national security.

I can't be as sure about other programs, but I just left a McDonalds and over heard 5 losers talking about how you lose your disability if you get a job and few other comments about how to keep the gubment money rolling in. They couldn't have been older than 20. My point being, I am fairly sure we could figure out how to cut 10% out of just about any government program.

I do think the cuts should be 10% per major area. It can be hard to cut 10% of your cable bill if you are already on basic cable. If my bill is $50, how do I cut out $5? Again, this was why the original sequestration was supposed to spur actual budget planning and cuts... 10% on every program may not make sense. But if we agreed to cut 10% from DOD, Medicaid/Medicare, and from the remaining 30% of the total budget, it would probably work out.

But what do I know...

Comment Re:Thank You Department of Justice (Score 1) 152

What other reason would you purchase a competitor that is smaller than you are?

They didn't need their technology. They didn't need their people. They didn't need their capabilities.

Why would you want to crush your enemy completely? Because, any competition is a threat to grow and eventually crush your completley. What's the easiest way to crush your competition? (hint: it's not by actually competing)

Comment Re:Contractor wear (Score 1) 432

Remember two things, you should not be climbing under things anymore. Directors direct others to do this work.

Wow. If you are in a management position, I am glad I don't work for you. If you have a boss that acts this way, I feel sorry for you.

I am a Director. I manage 10+ supervisors and managers. I still do all the jobs I did when I was an hourly employee (but on a less frequent basis). I crawl under desks. I was the one running accross campus when we were laying fiber. I put dishes in the dishwasher when others leave them in the sink.

I have found out one important thing in my life... once you think you are too good for something, you will get smacked back to reality. So now I try to stay ahead of the curve and keep myself grounded. I know any day now I could be out on my ass looking for another job... ranging from Network Tech to General Manager.

On the other point, you are correct. Politics will start being a major factor as you move up the chain. Again, I counter that by simply working harder. I don't wear clown shoes, but I am not the sharpest dresser. People respect me because of my ability and my work ethic. I do what is needed to get the job done and I do it well. Politics, dressing sharp, and other tactics will fail when put up against my strategy of keeping those tatics in mind, but focusing on working hard and putting out excellent work.

Comment Re:Business Software Doesn't Change (Score 1) 369

I don't think your experience is indicative of problems with MS Office (though those problems DO exist), but more with how businesses handle training.

Oh I completely agree... that second paragraph was basically a rant that festered from that exact problem... I gave advanced user training (granted it was a little below what I would call advanced), and afterward a user couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to get her to a level that IT and Bus Intellegence can do after 10-20 years experience. The user couldn't understand why she wasn't creating awesome reports using pivot tables and pivot charts... so I called a training session just to cover that topic.. and the user didn't show up.

And we also have to give new employee training on Office to all employees. It's the same class regardless of skill level. But we have employees that have been with the company for 20 years that haven't received any training. It's all annoying, and one day I'll get around to fixing it!

Comment Business Software Doesn't Change (Score 5, Insightful) 369

New look and feel means that the IT department has to give each user training on the new interface. Usually just because a couple of the managers refuse to spend a few minutes to "play" with it and learn it themselves.

It's funny that everytime I am asked to do Office training, 50% of the students are more skilled at Excel (acct. especially) and Outlook (admin asst. especially) than I am. So I am standing in front of a room baffeling the people that have no idea what a pivot table is, and looking like an idiot trying to explain it to the people that know it better than me.

Comment Re:Video Chat (Score 1) 221

I gotta go with the other guy on this one... If Apollo 13 happened today, do you think NASA would conduct the brainstorming session in a big room or over email?

Face to face communication is quicker, and undoubtedly better for these situations. Or any situation, as the other poster said, when things are complicated and problems and solutions are not exactly known.

And "drawings" may refer to extremely complex engineering drawings. I work for a manufacturing company... drawings, diagrams, and sketches are the most valuable things in the company. Hell, even for IT stuff I find a graphical representation usually helps me fully understand the situation.

I think you lambasting him for not liking email is more a reflection that you don't like face to face communication... not sure why you don't just admit it... it's not like your going to get flamed for that on /.

Comment Re:Christian != "family-friendly" (Score 2) 326

-As a person-, you must have a coherent philosophical stance that, by definition, includes -ethics- as one of the core branches of philosophy. If you can't provide it, claiming or disclaiming "atheism" at the moment as convenient, you fail at life.

Where did I say that I do not have a very solid set of morals? All I said was that just because I don't belive in a God (and just to be clear you don't believe in many Gods, just one less than I do), and some other guy doesn't believe in a God does not make us some how connected and required to live by the same moral code.

I do have one overriding principle I live by: tolerance. For instance I will call you ignorant of these topics, as you have shown to lack some basic understanding of ethics and morality. However, I won't claim you "fail at life" because of that. In fact, as I stated in the previous post, I bet we agree on tons of subjects... the easiest of which are things like murder and rape.

I hope you will seek truth with an open mind.

Comment Re:Christian != "family-friendly" (Score 4, Insightful) 326

What points of consensus on morality has the atheist community reached?

Your ignorance shows no bounds and therefore I quit reading at that point. Atheism (a = not, theism = belief in a god) is anyone that does not believe in a God. There is not single belief system for atheist. That would be like asking if you can get clear consensus on any issue because all the people you ask live in the same city/state/country/planet.

I would also add that you could easily ask 5 Christians about certian moral issues and recieve 5 different answers... examples are: what you can do on the sabbath, should a woman submit to her husband, does the Pope have devine power, is it allowed to have multiple wives, birth control, and abortion.

So your smug comment will be applauded by Christians who probably have less in common with you than this atheist.

Comment Re:What about drag (Score 1) 127

But this article is talking about bumps of 4mm. That would have to be done with the metal skin. And that sounds like a stress riser. Jets have already had enough trouble with the skin fatigue.... adding stress risers throughout seems like a bad idea.

If everyone could afford the coating and it could have that big of "bumps", it might be feasible.

Comment Re:If It's Not Broken... (Score 1) 879

You're joking... for a desktop OS? 10 years is more than enough. You couldn't get a 2ghz processor 10 years ago!

As a business system, servers still work well after much more than 10 years, especially if not networked. I have an AlphaServer running NT 3.5 that sill powers a machine bigger than your house.

I believe you are too good at setting expectations for a profitable mass marketed computer.

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