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Journal Journal: Time management

It's almost depressing how many kids I see on the campus who are all drowning with work. I mean I like spending time with my friends; they're all such wonderful people. This working all the time bit is really getting in the way. Before you write me off, know that I'm getting my work done, and most of the time I do it in between classes. In college we often get a full hour between classes depending on scheduling. It should be taken advantage of.

By the way, comments are enabled on my last entry, so if you had a response and weren't able to post it, please do. I love you guys.
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Journal Journal: First day of classes

So things are going pretty good with the college thing. Orientation was quite good, and I met a lot of really nice people. I'm even friends with the people I couldn't have been friends with in high school. Like for example there's this cheerleadery girl in my hall who I'm friends with. It's nice because she's very energetic and puts me in a good mood, and I think a lot of people in high school miss out on the good aspects of the people around them because they are so stuck in their cliques.

My classes are interesting. The programming course I'm taking looks like fun. My English class was 5 minutes long today, because the teacher forgot the Syllabus. I hope that's not an omen for that course. Also, my physics class decided to start on Wednesday.

I also discovered that different people need to be approached in different ways, but they are for the most part friendly. The shy ones need more one-on-one attention it seems, whereas the more outgoing ones are happy to have people who respond to their comments. It's all very nice, I am happy to hae as many friends as I have.
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Journal Journal: Carnegie Mellon 5

It's only a week until I leave for Carnegie Mellon. I'm so excited for so many reasons, but at the same time I also feel scared of a few things.

First off are the good things. I can't wait to go because I want to meet new people. I know it's cliche, but it's true, because I had a hard time in high school. Most of the kids held the things I did in 7th grade against me through senior year, despite the fact that I've grown since then. Anyway, CMU seems to offer a wide variety of kids to associate with. Naturally there will be other Computer Science majors who will make great friends because of the common interest in careers. CMU is a top-notch school in this area, so I'm expecting top-notch kids. Also, to keep my life off the wireless network, there are drama, music, and art majors. Once again, CMU is top notch in drama, and has pretty good music and art programs as well, so I'll bet that these people will be worth talking to.

Besides the social aspect, which looks like it'll be infinitely better, I'm also looking forward to all the freedom. It'll be nice to be able to control my schedule and who I associate with. That's something I only had limited power over in high school, with the cliques lasting for years and years in the same heirarchy they had in middle school. Like I said, everyone comes in alone, so plenty of opportunity to make new friends. Also, it'll be nice to not have to go to random things my parents think I should do. Especially at six AM. And I'll know plenty of time in advance, since I'll have made the appointment myself.

I suppose I have a few natural fears. One is just the simple fear of the unknown. After all, I haven't been to CMU for a whole school year before. I have no idea what it'll be like. I'm looking foreward to the academic challenge, but I'm afraid I might find myself drowning in work. Also, I have good reason to believe that the atmosphere will be pleasant, but a belief isn't proof. Maybe I'm just getting jittery. I've looked forward to this for so long...three and a half years to be exact, maybe a little apprehension is in order.
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Journal Journal: Bizarre Dream.

Ok..I had the strangest dream last night. First know that this whole thing felt animated...and the whole time, I'm in a 2 year old body. Anyway, I dreamt that I was in this jungle that had a ceiling over it, and I was on this road. The road seemed as out of place as the ceiling, because it was fully paved. So me and three of my other toddler friends are crawling around, and we run into this, say 40 year old conservative-looking guy. He kind of looked like a stereotypical football coach. Anyway, as I was focusing on how scary this guy was, the road behind me turned into a hallway. The jungle was still on the other side of the walls, and you could see it through the windows. Anyway, I got scared, and somehow, my 18-year-old coordination came back, and I ran away, two of my friends were already gone, and my other friend turns himself in to the football coach. Suddenly, like a movei, I get an out-of-body shot of what the coach says to my friend. He says "Be glad you didn't run like her." So as I'm running, I go through one of the many doors in this newfound hallway, and when I open the door, I'm on the roof of that strange, out-of-place ceiling I described earlier. I was scared as this now angry football guy was looking for me, and as he passes by the door I'm now hiding behind, I wake up. I've never had a dream with more impossible architecture. Does anyone want to take a stab at what this means?

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