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Comment Why not let the marked solve this problem? (Score 1) 218

Why can we not let the marked solve this problem ? Cabs in my country could really benefit from some competition. Today there is poor vetting of the drivers , due to non existent reputation system or independent third party validation. The drivers rape left and right despite government laws and regulation. Many drivers are rude. All this due to non existent reputation system. The cost is really high, due to low productivity since they can sit many hours in waiting for customers (especially at the air ports). Uber would probably solve this by having a more dynamic allocation of drivers. How to order a taxi is old fashioned. No apps , have to call in to a operator. Several times the taxi has not properly registered my request.

The classic cab driver paradigm is dead. We needed cab drivers due to their knowledge of locations. We do not need this any more due to really good GPS.

The only reason it is still in operation is due to anti competitive laws that favour the classic model. Because cab driver organisations is well connected with the government.

If you want special service X, (e.g. counter in the car) why can you not choose the company that gives you that service? Why do you have to force that requirement on everyone else?

Comment Re:Problem (Score 1) 218

The problem with capitalism is that a company can be successful even if it's bad for everyone.

What you are saying here does not make sense. In capitalism people choose freely which company they want to buy services from. If there services actually was bad they would not choose to use them. You can always refrain from using them.

Comment Re:Anybody can be a taxi driver in germany (Score 0) 218

I still think Germany here is acting like a despot. A nanny despot. As a free individual I should be able to drive with who ever I so choose to, as long as the person I drive with follow the minimal road standards which applies to everyone (drivers licence , insurance , etc) It is my choice if I want to go into a car that does not have e.g a counter , commercial car insurance , etc.

A free country should not limit my choices in this fashion. Using law like this , is the same as using the threat of deadly force. Which is wrong. You can not make the thereat to kill someone if they refuse to use a counter.. People must be allowed to make individual choices, and be allowed to suffer the consequences if the choice was a poor one. The marked will solve this, most likely there will be a demand for cars with proper security (insurance and no prison sentence for certain crime) probably though a system of reputation and voting and third party validation. You do not need the state to mandate this thought law.

Also having these kinds of rules limit the amount of production (why should one has to spend energy and time having a counter?? when you can just agree to a price in advance? ) which again limits the peoples standard of living.

Comment Re:Summary says it all (Score 1) 634

The American Dream is to start out poor, but have equal opportunity to make a good business. In other words , be able to create the most efficient processes in order to satisfy a need by organizing and processing resources into a product with minimal government interference. This is the American Dream. The processes are dependent on having people working peacefully together, each motivated by furthering his own goals. Goals of making a better life for himself.

If people have maximum freedom , they are able to create the most efficient and wealth generating processes. Where everyone benefits, thus raising the standard of living for everyone involved.

Comment Re:Summary says it all (Score 1) 634

It is reasoning like this that have brought on this economic downturn. It's called keynesianism, and its just wrong. Because governments always waste the money away in inefficient programs which often could not sustain itself without the government stimulus, since it's not based on any real need in the people and thus does not bring in an economic surplus which again just drags the economy down by the waste of resources.

Who would you rather have spend a $1000 billion bucks , the government or the private sector?

Comment End the root cause of the threats? (Score 1) 404

Maybe if one analysed the root cause of the threats, and worked on those instead? Like the killings of middle eastern people in order to get their oil, or started thinking about how the central bank distorts the marked, making the prices go up with the consequence of people getting poor and angry. One would not feel the need to spy on everyone?

Comment Lawyer of the marine on Alex Jones show. (Score 3, Informative) 333

Lawyer from The Rutherford Institute talks about the case on Alex Jones Show.

Psychiatrist Threatens & Terrorizes Marine Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

Talks about that Civil liberties in the US is getting attacked, and that Veterans are getting targeted by government harassment.

"The Rutherford Institute is a non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights. The organization was founded by its current president, John W. Whitehead, in 1982.[1] The Rutherford Institute offers free legal services to those who have had their rights threatened or violated. The Rutherford Institute has a network of affiliate attorneys across the United States and funds its efforts through donations. In addition to its offer of legal services, the organization offers free educational materials for those interested in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. "

Comment Re:Tariffs and protectionism explained - youtube (Score 1) 345

Another ones gain, is some other ones loss. Person A get 2+ in salary. Person B gets -2 in his balance. Where person B could have used the -2 resources to grow his business. (To create more jobs) Maybe person A used his +2 to buy something from Person B. But that just leaves them in total of 0.

So another bad thing about tariffs; they force money away from the competitive business to the uncompetitive. Also you risk other countries to put tariffs on our own goods, which might cost you further jobs.

Comment Re:Tariffs and protectionism explained - youtube (Score 1) 345

The goods get more expensive for the people in the country. So they have to spend more money. Money they could have spent on something else. The tax goes back to society (through less efficient government programs) . What tips the scale is the dead-weight loss which is the value of wasted resources devoted to expanded domestic consumption and expenditures devoted to less desired substitutes brought about by the tariff.[1].


Or in other words

"If we look at the national market graph, we can see why these are deadweight losses. The consumption effect of the tariff is the loss of consumer surplus for those consumers who are squeezed out of the market because the tariff "artificially" raises the domestic price, even though foreigners remain willing to sell products to the importing country at the lower world price. The production effect of the tariff is the loss from using high-cost domestic production to replace lower-cost imports (available to the country at the unchanged world price). The high production cost is shown by the height of the supply curve, for each of the extra units produced because of the tariff."

In short, poor people are left out , due to the higher price.
Extra resources are wasted due to higher production costs. Which could have been spend on other activities.

Comment Re:Even a broken clock (Score 1) 1051

I agree that we need laws about murder, and having a police to sort things out. To be the guardians of peace.

It was just the phrasing in the grandparent post about police preventing murder.
Some make the connection that you don't need guns, because the police are there to protect you. And then making it a point when they try pass laws to outlaw/restrict guns.

Guns are power, and power should be distributed among the people. Same with money. It is power and should be distributed among the people . Only today money is centralized, by having the central bank decide the value of it. (through money creation, and interest) . It people had gold and silver in their bank, no one central bank could have the power to decide the value of your own money.

My argument about taxation, is based on the same rationale. Taxation is money, money centralized, or power centralized. Power that is going to me misused either by ignorance or malice. So in order to maximize the spread of power to the people. Taxation should be at a minimum.

With distribution comes balance, and self correction. But since our societies are not built upon distribution of power, you get unbalance, and a system unable to self correct. (eg. interest rate at 0-1%, loads of unemployment)

And I think that is an really important point most people forget about, and/or maybe fail to understand. The merits of real power distributed (gold/silver money, guns).

Comment Re:Even a broken clock (Score 1) 1051

Forcing another person out of the country you are both born in because you want to spend his/her money in a certain way is not right. Having to move away because you don't want to be taken from, is not right. No one is duty bound to each other because they are born in the same country (geographic area).

When you say they are. You only put them up against each other, and it leads to violence. (People all over Europe rioting because they where promised other peoples money, and they don't get it.)

If you want a community where people chip in on the larger expenses, you have to form one yourself (or join one). A community where people can join freely. County and community are different. Because a community does not have to be linked to a geographic area. A county is. And it engulfs people arbitrarily.

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