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Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 218

Yes and no. Voyager now is at interstellar space, but it is still on the Solar System. Check the AMA made by the guys at NASA on reddit . And mind you, in no official communication NASA said that V1 "left the solar system", those moments were always created by the press not understanding the science.

Comment This man was a genius (Score 1) 49

I was reading the NYTimes article, and this part caught my attention:

The heart of his technique was a process he developed called Dynamation. It involved photographing a miniature — of a dinosaur, say — against a rear-projection screen through a partly masked pane of glass. The masked portion would then be re-exposed to insert foreground elements from the live footage. The effect was to make the creature appear to move in the midst of live action. It could now be seen walking behind a live tree, or be viewed in the middle distance over the shoulder of a live actor — effects difficult to achieve before.

That is brilliant!!!!! RIP Mr Ray. And thank you for everything

Comment Why can't the submiter RTFA before posting? (Score 5, Informative) 178

So, here is how TFS starts

Here's yet another example of why it's very important to make sure IT employees' access is terminated when they are. (...)allegedly accessed the ERP system after he was terminated and had a little 'fun.

You go, RTFA and this is how it starts..

But after Mr. Meneses was passed over for promotions, he was upset enough to announce his resignation, giving two weeks’ notice. Before his final day in January 2012, colleagues caught him copying files from his computer to a flash drive, the authorities said. They cut off his access to company servers.

So, first of all, he was not terminated, he was mad and left the company. He was still on his two weeks' notice, so, in theory, had legetimate reasons to access the servers. When the company saw an srange behavior, they cut his access. So, looks like a case of a pissed up asshole who decided to go out with a bang and got busted for it.

Comment Re:Old story, or something new? (Score 1) 393

I leave Firefox windows with dozens of tabs open for weeks and even months at a time, and haven't noticed any stability issues in a year or so...But I also don't use any add-ons except Firebug.

You are luck. I use Firefox with firebug for webdevelopment, and although I love it, I have to restart it a couple of times daily, as Firefox easily goes to 1.6GB of memory easy. And that is with 1 window open and about 10-15 tabs only. It is very much dependent on what you are using on the tab that has firebug. Let me give you an example: I'm now developing on top of JS table\tree framework, which tends to have a lot on memory. If firebug is open it starts keeping copies of a bunch of versions of this JS plugin, each taking a couple of MB of memory. So it slows to a crawl.

Comment Re:Like everywhere else it's been tried... (Score 1) 732

Regarded as healthy by who?

Investors. The country with the highest tax burden in the world right now, Denmark, is at the moment loaning money at an interest of -0.25%..

YES, that means rich people, very rich people, and investors in general, believe the Danish economy is so healthy they are willing to loan them money at negative interest, just so that Denmark can protect they money for them.

Got a link to that? I would love to read it.

Comment Re:Is it worth it? (Score 1) 262

It is not only that. But on every test you make there are a couple of things, by law, that must come: 1. The result; 2. The method; 3. The reference numbers; 4. The technician responsible for taking it, full name and medical register; 5. In case of X-rays, Pet scans, and similar, besides the results, they must give you the medical report. If you have to go to a hospital, when you are discharged they MUST give you every single exam they took. Unless YOU ask them NOT too.

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