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Submission + - SPAM: Kids killed by carmaker's pennyshaving, again 1

LeadSongDog writes: Cars today have thermometers, sound systems, microphones, power windows, alarms and computers galore. For a few lines of added code they could detect children or pets left in closed cars and prevent them from baking there. Will the SAE step up to the plate, before the hacktivists?
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Submission + - SPAM: Comparing Cities' IOT Privacy Policies

LeadSongDog writes: From our "YRO may vary" department, academic Glynis Startz' post "Systematizing Privacy and Governance of Data and the Internet of Things" examines how different cities are addressing the tradeoffs around their privacy policies, encryption, and retention as monitoring becomes ubiquitous.
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Submission + - SPAM: Gene-mining finds Luca, the Last Universal Common Ancestor

LeadSongDog writes: All life on Earth shares certain genes that go back about 4 billion years. Looking at what these genes do tells us about the most primitive organism: it did not need oxygen, but it did need nitrogen, CO2, and hydrogen.
It looks like the hydrothermal vent model fits perfectly. [spam URL stripped]... [spam URL stripped]... [spam URL stripped]...

Submission + - Slashdot Poll: Enough already? (

LeadSongDog writes: Sometime early Friday this planet will hit 7-1/3 billion people. Is it time to stop the population clock?
A) Soon
B) Never
C) Overdue
D) As soon as I'm finished my Soylent Green
E) If Cowboy Neal ever finds a breeding Partner
F) I for one want to make serfs for my new robot overlords

Submission + - You really are getting longer! (

LeadSongDog writes: In fact, everything is. The ESA and NASA have pegged the expansion of the universe (the Hubble constant) more accurately and at a faster rate than previously known. Every distance is currently stretching by 7.5e-11 per year. Or perhaps the speed of light is slowing that much: that would amount to the same thing, right?

Submission + - Eclipse pushes new open IDE (

LeadSongDog writes: Backed by Codenvy, Microsoft Corp., Red Hat, and SAP, the Eclipse Foundation has touted a new cloud based IDE they call "Eclipse Che", built upon Java, Javascript, and Docker.

Submission + - La Fiorina wants all your data (

LeadSongDog writes: If El Reg is to be believed, Republican also-ran Carly Fiorina wants Google and Apple to turn over all your data to the FBI. But then, perhaps she just wants to drive Apple and Google out of the US market....

Submission + - All Your Face Are Belong To Us !!!

LeadSongDog writes: It seems the backlash to Facebook's use of facial recognition is growing. It seems the EFF is lined up against big business for what may turn out to be the last bastion of our collective delusion of privacy.

Submission + - More supermassive black holes than we thought! (

LeadSongDog writes: The Royal Astronomical Society advises that, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) has confirmet the long suspected: many SMBHs are obscured by a surrounding cloud. Observing nine known black holes at X-ray energies not previously visible, they found that five of the nine were emitting much more energetic X-rays than had been known. They so conclude that the SMBHs are much more common than had been known.

Submission + - Worms From Space!!! (

LeadSongDog writes: The Dragon capsule launched by SpaceX on April 14 has splashed down safely in the Pacific with 1.5 tonnes of cargo, including an experiment on roundworm aging in microgravity.

Submission + - What is the sound of one bouncing electron?

LeadSongDog writes: Last week the neutrino hunters at "Project 8" announced a tabletop single-electron detector:
Now comes news that they've seen an electron's cyclotron chirp, changing pitch upwards as it bounces from atom to atom in a cloud of Kr-83:
Full details in PhysRevLtrs at
Next on the agenda: do the same thing in a tritium cloud while getting resolution below 1eV. Sounds like a fun place to work!

Submission + - "Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine" gets Air Force nod (

LeadSongDog writes: The US Air Force Research Lab has been looking at the SABRE concept from the UK maker Reaction Engines, which has already been endorsed by the European Space Agency. The hybrid runs as a jet from stationary to Mach 5.5, then it becomes a rocket for all the way up to Mach 25. The magic is all in keeping the heat exchanger from icing up. This now clears the way for funding the next step: build and test demonstrator engines.

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