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Comment This is a move to stop online piracy. (Score -1, Troll) 592

It's a DICK move, but it is a shove in the direction needed.. They can now start applying the same concept to movies. Locking them to specific boxes, no longer to be rented, copied, pirated. I know this is a violation of freedoms, but its a protection of copywrite. THIS IS A LESSER EVIL in my book

Comment Are you SHITTING ME? (Score 0) 124

First off.... Children today have a better understanding of game development then some of the adults. Plus children have a bigger imagination then adults. So why not? If the child loves to make games, and has a talent for it, Why can't they do what they love doing? As long as it's not forced labor, I don't see any harm in it. Fuck off you tree hugging twerps.. let these kids work. It's hard enough these days trying to support a family, let the kid earn money for his college.

Submission + - Skype Is under attack. 2

LeAzzholeChef writes: "In the last few days a new and vicious virus has been floating around on Skype saying this is your new Skype icon.
With a similliar link. ://

This causes a malicious trojan to be injected into your system32 files and messes with registry files. I have been personally cleaning peoples computers.

Do not open random files sent by your friends. As once you do, you end up sending it to everyone on your list."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Fish slap 3

An old one new again!&videoID=s3454178&autostart=true&seriesNo=2

Hopefully the video won't be geolocked.

Comment American Comapny - American Laws (Score 0) 154

NO other country should the right to dictate to us how we run our businesses. If they don't like it, they can refuse service. China, UK, Islamic countries. Y'all can just take your self righteous, sanctimonious asses off this planet! Google is a tool. Nothing more. You can not control people, or how they use the tool anymore than you can control people who drink and drive. STOP TRYING TO BLOCK THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION FLOW!! jackwads.

Comment Above Average Player (Score 1) 159

Although I am not a Grand Master of Chess. I can still hold my own. Playing online these days is not like the real situation. Visualizing, anticipating, seeing the expressions on the opponents face, watching his eyes, and facial quirks. All these play a part in the strategy. ONLINE CHESS GAMES are a farce. Though fun, and challenging at times. It's nothing like the real situation.So quit griping about online chess games. MAKE an appointment and do it LIVE on a green and white map with ivory pieces.

Comment An Overview Spin on Gaming In General. (Score 0) 309

The downside to the Facebook Gaming genre, is the dynamics of the social environment. When Mafia Wars grabbed hold of Facebook like a raging wild fire, The invite system was abused, Also creating a hostile reaction from ex players and patrons, constantly annoyed with the relentless invites, forcing the team at Facebook to re-design how the "invite friend" function works. Thus changing the social dynamics, decreasing people who you can come in contact with. With Zynga falling through the proverbial legal cracks in the system, with their copy right infringements, and shenanigans, suing the Brazilian company, they still continue to hold on by the skin of their teeth. And Yet despite all the negative publicity, so many ignorant players continue to use their product. Destroying the integrity of Social Network Games. With companies like Microsoft, and Siri discontinuing certain app stores on cell phones, allowing less access to certain games, or misleading ads trapping buyers into something they regret purchasing, sales will drop dramatically over the next few years. I can rattle on and on about the good and bad of gaming with each one of the individual platforms. But Ill make it simple and sweet... PC and Console gaming will never die out for the simple reason, there are devout crowds in each genre, that will not permit it. The demand is still great enough to produce games for each. Even better news to consider is with the new technology that is out there today, like Cryengine 3, game companies can create cross platform and cross OS gaming products. Gaming will never die! Not for any type, on the basis of demand, and technological evolution.

Comment STUPID PEOPLE (Score 0) 777

This whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. The police are overly psychotic, and ready with the "GUILTY" trigger. Citizens are effing stupid for even trusting the police. And than, let's not forget the ever invasive social services. They want to control your family, and your life. Do I have an compassion towards STUPID people? HELL NO!!! he got what he deserved!

Comment Stupid Scientist = Horsemanure Expulsion. (Score 1) 458

Im no physicist and I'm sorry for voicing a direct opinion, however this sounds like a crock of horseshit. Captain kirk, give us more warp speed for the diarrhea repulsion, This really can be a result from force feeding poor dumb animals Metamucil and ex lax flurries. If this were true "Warp speed accumulates atomic explosive energy particles", than the light from the sun colliding with the earth, we would all be toast. H O R S E S H I T !!!!! None the less, stupid people shouldn't talk about physics, instead they should be figuring out the OTHER side of the equation.

Submission + - Gamerz Den, LLC Signs deal for $25,000 (

LeAzzholeChef writes: "Stephen Mackerson of New York has agreed to contribute $25,000 towards the start up funding for the new game Battleships Crossfire X, due to release in 2015. Mackerson stipulates that the project on must meet the financial goals 100% or better or the contribution package is nullified."

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