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Comment Re:Missing step ???? (Score 2, Insightful) 281

I disagree, OSS is an opportunity to Fortify. The implication is that the Tories didn't include ensuring the security of OSS in their plans. What Fortify should want is

Gov use OSS
Gov need security assurance
Gov purchase Fortify s/w.
Gov Fortify against the source code - something they can only do with OSS.
Given that you can't outsource accountability, any org that wants to ensure security of OSS must buy the Fortify product.

Comment Re:What about the easy availability of guns ? (Score 1) 116

Goose-stepping, are you mad.

We've formed an orderly queue and are waiting for it to turn up. If anything we are shuffling towards something.

Of course we know what will happen. You wait for one form of authoritarian government to turn up for years and then 3 turn up at once. I would say more Stalinist than Fascist anyway.

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