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Submission + - Safe Open Proxies? (

LazyBoy writes: Safe open proxies?

Some friends are on the far side of the world for a couple months in an country that has decided to block of all things. They're blogging by mail, but can't see their site or answer comments. Some easy work-arounds like a link fail as well.

I'd offer to let them ssh tunnel to a home server of mine, but that's too complicated for them. They're not that computer savvy. I don't even want to try to talk them through the proxy settings on IE. If they use a proxy it will need to be a CGIProxy style where you surf through that site rather than use proxy settings.

But I'm afraid to recommend any free proxies. I'd hate to recommend something that ended up stealing their passwords and stuff. They might forget and access their bank account through that proxy. Are there any known trustworthy proxies? (Can there be?) Dead easy to use ones?

I've started playing with CGIProxy on my home "server" (a very weak linux box), but I need to figure out how to password protect it, so it's not open to the world.

Alternatively, does anyone know a one-click windows gui that would set up an ssh tunnel and change their proxy settings? One that I could pre-configure with the ssh info before I send it to them?

Any other approaches I've missed that are dead easy for the end user?

Comment It's not the tech, it's where you buy it. (Score 1) 415

Innovatek HR-907DVD
9" Headrest Hi-Resolution TFT LCD Monitor

  Headrest Monitor with Built-In DVD Player
  Built-in USB/SD/MMC Port (File Format: MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG1/2/4 /DIVX etc.)
  Built-in FM Modulator (87.7, 87.9, 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9 & 89.1 Mhz)
  extra RCA output to playback the DVD/USB/SD/MMC Player on other monitors.

$179 / headrest

Comment Re:bundle fees have to end (Score 4, Interesting) 217

Al la carte, please.


And this is why your cable bill is so high. You are paying for channels whether you watch them or not.

Regarding a la carte:
You feel you're subsidizing everyone else, but everyone else is subsidizing you too. Everyone asking for a al carte thinks they are going to be the ones that pay less.

Here's how it would play out. A less popular cable station gets only $.20/household. When 19 of 20 households can drop them, they'll need $4/subscriber to make ends meet. Will the remaining N people pay $4? No? Then they'll need to charge even more or chop programming. Death spiral until it's off the air.

This will happen to the more popular stations as well, but the numbers will be different. You'll have vastly fewer channels when it's done (or vastly more info-mercials).

OTOH, the cable companies are getting bundles pushed on them by the content providers.

Maybe the best thing the cable companies could do would be pass through the bundles forced on them. Give us an ABC/ESPN/etc. bundle and see who buys it.


Submission + - Lenovo can't deliver

LazyBoy writes: A data entry snafu has apparently screwed the Lenovo laptop orders place during two specific weeks in May. Lenovo still hasn't recovered from the problem, leaving one lone blogger to mollify a group of increasingly irate would-be customers upset at seeing the orders placed after theirs get delivered while they get a changing series of reasons why and no firm ship dates. If you haven't been able to get through to Lenovo customer service lately, this is why.

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