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Comment Re:Sloppy programming (Score 5, Informative) 97

It's pretty common in newspapers (and AP) to recycle slugs. A slug is the internal identifier that's used for a story since the title is often the last thing written. The slug is typically only unique for a specific day. Also, Yahoo is fairly incompetent when it comes to technology for a company its size.

Comment What about AP? (Score 1) 368

As far as I know you need to give all your content to AP to be able to use the AP wire feed. Doesn't this mean that content from NYT will show up as wire feed on the sites of all other AP members? And if so, doesn't this mean that they pretty much have to withdraw from AP to keep their content to themselves?

F5 Fires Back On Open Source SSL Accelerator 120

Random Feature writes "In response to Build an Open Source SSL Accelerator, in which o3 magazine detailed how to build a solution comparable to an F5 BIG-IP 6900 on the cheap, F5 Fires Back claiming it's not as cheap as it appears and pointing out the potential performance implications of a 'cobbled together set of components designed to mimic similar functionality.' The discussion on the performance of the Open Source solution based on Opteron RSA operation processing capabilities brings into question the validity of the 'more SSL TPS for cheaper' argument presented by o3."

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