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Comment Re:If They Truly Belong To Me... (Score 3, Informative) 102

If only I had some mod points. It's true that the "delete" button doesn't actually delete anything, it just hides it from SOME parts of the site. I've been caught up on that once before due to an accidentally offensive tweet (With only 140 characters be careful on what words to condense/remove) that I immediately deleted and rewrote. A few months later I got an angry message as someone found that "deleted" tweet.

Comment Re:Why don't they show the Air theme in the video? (Score 1) 432

Because there isn't an Air KWin decoration yet. The description may be a little confusing but "Plasma integration in KWin" means that KWin now uses the Plasma theme (Which by default is Air) for displaying popups such as alt+tab window switching, desktop effect text, etc. that all used to be unthemed. There is currently a decoration under development that allows for SVG-based decorations that will be included by default in KDE 4.4 called Aurorae which should make it very easy to create an Air decoration. Aurorae is currently also available for KDE 4.3 via .

Comment Re:KDE4 Lacks A Desktop (Score 1) 869

In KDE 4.2 the "true desktop metaphor" has returned in full. To my knowledge you can now do everything that you could in 3.5 and a little bit extra. What sort of conflicts are you having with Compiz? KWin has been designed to happily not start when the user wants Compiz instead. The setting to change this can be found in "System Settings -> Advanced -> Session Manager" in 4.1 and "System Settings -> Default Applications" in 4.2.

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