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Comment Re:Diff between Greeks & Electronic Direct Dem (Score 1) 308

The way you describe it, you exchange the tyranny of the many with the tyranny of the few. Consider this: in this system what if no law against hate crime existed? Lets say 80-90% wants this law passed, what happens when the rest oppose it? We do nothing? Obviously in this situation the "ideal" solution is not twiddling you thumbs waiting for society to progress naturally to an utopia of agreement and harmony.

Of course you could patch this problem by making an escape clause, but then you're just doing exactly that: patchwork on yet another imperfect governing system.

Comment Re:Okay, what about prevention? (Score 1) 209

I have no expert knowledge in the field, but what would prevent the body from regenerating its own natural T-cells after the treatment? If the new, modified T-cells are the issue, can't you do the same thing as the first time around, having stored a batch of his old T-cells and kill off all the modified ones before pumping them back in again?

Comment Old news from Ancient Greece (Score 2) 238

Seriously, this study is old news. I can remember in history class that those who went to the theater in ancient Greece almost always knew the whole story beforehand. The whole idea was not being surprised by the end, but being entertained by excellent storytelling and acting. Of having the story _told_.
We all knew (except for a few actively ignorant people) that Anakin Skywalker would become Darth Vader, likewise it was a foregone conclusion that Saruman would team up with Sauron, that Boromir would die an epic death and that Denethor was not all right in the head.

Heck, when I started reading tropes on tvtropes I was a bit scared that I would risk spoiling a story and thus ruining it for me - because that was what I had been taught by society would happen - instead it became a great source for finding epic things to read or watch. The very knowing that some major character would pull off a thanatos gambit to secure world peace, after being a rather large douchebag for two whole seasons, made me that much more excited to actually watch it unfold.

Comment Re:Selling game changing items vs Selling bragging (Score 3, Interesting) 315

There is an enormous difference, for many reasons.

The EVE economy is based on items being built by the players, for the players, using materials gathered by the players. PLEX is a sort of trade commodity, it is like diamonds - people want them because they are desirable, not because they are useful (in game at least). It has no effect on gameplay and is basically just a trade good on the market. Trading a PLEX has no other immediate ingame effect other than redistributing ISK among players, which is completely balanced in cost by the players themselves.

"Gold Spaceships" and AUR is completely different from this mechanic. Ships are seeded and directly tied to real money. Sure, you can buy a PLEX with ISK, but that is superficial - you are, in effect, just having somebody else pay real money for your spaceship. Sure you can fund a CNR (a special battleship) using ISK gained from a PLEX, but it is completely optional for that PLEX to be involved - with Gold Spaceships it would become MANDATORY to involve a PLEX. Also, since the ship is seeded, no tangible effort has been made to build or acquire the ship by anybody - not through missioning, grinding, building, whatever - the ship entirely come into being depending on real money.

Basically the entire EVE economy, which is the pride and I daresay center of the soul of EVE, can become entirely unhinged by AUR and Gold Stuff, since it is impossible for an industrial body in EVE to compete with people simply swiping their credit card for special premium superstuff.

More issues can be touched upon. Think for example the Alliance Tournament (a yearly competition with spaceships), what happens to the game if a team wins because they brought Gold Spaceships? Should all invest real money to be able to compete then?

P2W and microtransactions are reasonable depending on the gaming model. EVE is simply not built for it.

Comment Re:Not-a-concept (Score 1) 662

A chair is not a crate, even if both happen to provide a place for sitting. Trying to get crate to cover the meaning of the word "chair" in the name of linguistic ambiguity is doing your language a disservice.
I am not speaking against the creative use and evolution of language, merely the ignorant misuse of it. The difference is a hair-thin line.

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