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Comment Good (Score 1) 302

I am in the same boat as you.

Dark matter always sounded too far fetched for me.
The same is true for superstring theory.. it's not something I can get behind.

Maybe I have just contemplated the presence of a void for too long.

Comment Wrong - It's Perfectly Rational (Score 1) 640

"but there's no rational basis whatsoever for him being fucking telekinetic in the real world." - wrong
Didn't you notice the huge metal plate / computer interface grown into the back of his skull since childbirth?

He probably has a wireless router in there, which explains how he was able to interact with machinery.
Not everything in the future needs direct wired connections ya know.

Comment Why Flash Video Takes so much CPU? (Score 4, Interesting) 483

To the best of my understanding, this is why flash takes so much CPU processing power to play a video.
Hopefully they will be addressing this now that they're going mobile, and working on a lot of optimizations..

Check out this NetSteam class, which is used to stream videos from the internet or your hard drive:

In particular, the bufferLength property reads:
"If any [thing] causes bufferLength to increase more than 600 seconds or the value of bufferTime * 2, whichever is higher, Flash Player flushes the buffer and resets bufferLength to 0"

If flash player loads a video to the point that fills it's buffer size, it immediately flushes it's buffer and reloads the video into the buffer, and then it will flush it's buffer and reload the video into it's buffer, and then it will flush it's buffer.. etc

You can see where I am going with this. It's absurd.. but this is what appears to be going on to me.
The alternative is to set a really high buffer time, and make it so the entire video gets loaded into the buffer so the bufferLength is rarely greater than bufferTime*2. but then it will take much longer to begin playing so I doubt you have ever come across any code on the internet that actually does that..

I became aware of this when I was using flash to load a video on my local hard drive and received hundreds of buffer flush events.. one after another, after another, after another.
Having said all that, I think Flash has a lot of things going for it.. It just needs a little work still..

Adobe is obviously trying, but I think the talent is spread too thin. Some of their flash classes are written really well and some are written really poorly.

Comment Strikes me as nonsense (Score 1) 196

This notion: "Of course, mimicking the weight and feel of the top would require someone else had touched to totem before"

This whole movie is about people with the ability to go into dreams, and then steal real-world knowledge and ideas from the dreamer
It's absolute nonsense that you wouldn't be able to go into a dream, and then steal the knowledge of their totem.

what..? you can steal their deepest and darkest secrets, but you can't steal knowledge about some knick-knack?
How does that make any sense at all?

Comment Good but not Great, LACK of SFX + Spoilers (Score 1) 196

Not as great as everyone is making it out to be, but still an original and entertaining film
The plot was largely contrived, and an ounce of sense would have taken this team of "experts" a long way toward accomplishing their goal.

Here come the spoilers, as I highlight the nonsense:
it is explained in the film that shared dreamers may each "project" new energy and physical matter into the dream world if they so choose.
The reason this is avoided is because the root dreamers subconscious will start to detect it's being fiddled with, and all of their projections will become violent.

Certainly I can accept this premise, but it falls flat once they enter fischers subconscious and discover he has been trained to resist them.
The crew is ambushed, as trained military persons are firing semi-automatic weapons and constantly pursuing them.

Fischer is tied up in a room, alone and out of view, and none of the crew actually take advantage of the fact that they're in a dream.
A friend is shot and dieing, but nobody summons an ER doctor or staff. Their actual lives are threatened, but they do not transform their van to be bulletproof or into a tank.

For god sakes this guy is about to die, which is leo's only hope of seeing his children. I would have said hey look there is a futuristic alien healing device here!

Why not change reality? Are they afraid that the highly trained soldiers that are already trying to kill them are going to notice their presence and then start.. trying to kill them?
Later in the arctic, when the entire crew and fischer are in on the fact that it's a dream, they start freaking out because they only have an hour to get to their destination.

100% of the people in this dream are equipped with automatic weapons and already trying to kill them.
Still, nobody uses any dream powers. For god sakes, everyone knows it's a dream. Summon a flying tank. Put on an Iron Man suit.
What a bunch of idiots. If I wanted to watch people this stupid I would turn on reruns of bevis and butthead.

This was an excellent opportunity to do some great, fast action, special effects but instead they completely passed and kept things fairly grounded to the rules of our reality.
I was disappointed and expected the action sequences to be a lot sexier.

If your plot line only advances because your characters are too stupid to leverage the very powers that make them unique, then your plot is sorely lacking.
How can you have a movie in a dream-world that your characters control, and then have nobody leverage that control? Epic WTF.

Still it was unique and different and I wasn't bored.

Comment Nothing New! (Score 1) 961

Age old saying: "A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still"

The more you argue with someone against their point, the more they will search their mind for reason to defend their point.
People are a lot more adept at convincing themselves of something than they are at convincing someone else.

This is just human nature at work

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