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Journal Laxitive's Journal: Lameness filter MUST go 9

Ok, this is a somewhat juvenile post I made to a poll thread about command prompts. Yes, I flew off the handle there, but my points are valid.

Please people, let's try figuring something out to get the lameness filter removed from slashdot. Using a perl script to figure out the value of posts is NOT the right way to solve the probem. The moderion system already exists and works pretty well. What difference does it make if a post is lame because the guy makes a one-liner about natalie portman and hot grits (wow, blast from the past ;) ), or wether it's a bunch of non-letter characters?

There exists a good system to take care of lameness, let's use it, instead of giving up control to a tyrranical perl script.

If you support this idea, and want to try to change it, put the following text in your sig:

The Lameness Filter MUST go

and make it link to this journal entry.

Thank you.

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Lameness filter MUST go

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  • PS1="\033[01;32m[\u@\h \W]\\$\033[0m "
    • Nope: h dot-lameness-filter.png []

      Anything more than small snippets is rejected.

      By the way, if you are interested. The script can be found here:
      The Script []

      That doesn't actually set your prompt. You then need to:
      PROMPT_COMMAND='PS1=$(bash path/to/genprompt)'
      In your .bashrc somewhere

      And this is what it looks like:
      Example []

      I got tired of being on long paths.. and having my commands wrap onto another line. After that.. I got tired of being
      • Wow. Crazy stuff. I never post more than a few lines of code & usually with a lot of accompaning text, so I didn't realize that it choked on bigger stuff. It's probably due to their attempts to stop ASCII art.

        P.S. I do know that it doesn't set my prompt, it's part of a much larger bashrc that eventually gets around to it. ;-)
        • I understand the need to block posts like that. However, the moderation system already works reasonably well. It's better to let the readers decide wether a post is crap or not. Scripts have extremely bad judgement when it comes to deciding the value of one post over the other, and using simplistic heuristics like "how many punctuation/symbol characters are there in the post?" might seem worthwhile.. but it really blocks a lot of good posts, just because they fail that test.

          ASCII art, I would think, wou
          • I agree, moderation is superior to a script.

            And the bashrc has several different prompts that I can switch, based on my mood. I just comment out the ones I don't want.
            • If you agree, please consider consider spreading the message by including a link to this journal entry in this thread.

              You can just copy the HTML I posted as the first comment in this journal entry, if you want.


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