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BBC Trust to Meet With OSC Over iPlayer 125

Virgil Tibbs writes "With the Launch of the BBC's iPlayer imminent, the BBC trust has agreed to hear the Open Source Consortium's concerns regarding the BBC iPlayer's tie in with Microsoft's software. The move by the BBC to use Windows Media DRM & their apparent lack of commitment towards other platforms has caused outrage in many circles and prompted several online petitions."

Submission + - Distributed Eyeballs for Cosmology at Galaxyzoo

LauraLolly writes: A consortium of astronomers is using public eyeballs at GalaxyZoo. According to their training page, "... the human brain is much better at recognising patterns than a computer can ever be."

The images are taken from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the results of the analysis are stored at Astrophysics at Oxford. The training takes very little time. It's great to have yet another cool distributed eyeball project out there.

Submission + - An Open Letter to Manchester Cathedral and the CoE (

Lave writes: "Due to Resistance:FoM, Manchester Cathedrals is demanding 4 Sacred Digital Guidelines are adopted by Developers. These will hold back the new electronic media from being able to openly explore religion & faith in the same way the Comic Code held back comics from developing as an art form. They also propose that the Church of England own the copyright of 800 year buildings funded by the public over centuaries of oppresive feudalism and so can censor work that features these buildings. In this open letter they are asked to sign 4 Secular Digital Guidelines that preserve the rights of the "new electronic media" to explore, criticize and even ridicule elements of faith."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Freespeech? How THREESPEECH censors comments (

Lave writes: "This is new to me. "Semi-offical" sock puppet sony blog THREESPEECH proclaims they won't censor content so long as "this space is used constructively." One constructive comment later and I've realised that not only do they delete comments but from that point on they create a fake web page just for you — where your post remains. Presumably just to get you to stop posting."

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