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Comment Re:I hate fake media hype (Score 1) 596

"the deafening roar of anticipation" I'm in Australia right, a moderately wealthy fairly technologically developed nation. We're no Japan, but we're no Sudan either. No one I talk to gives a crap about this. My friend is doing a graphic arts diploma and he doesnt even know anyone who cares about this. It will come, if it is good some people will like it. Apple is not a religion, they are a technology company. GTFO with your fake hype.

Companies (and their products) are percieved differently in different cultures. For example Starbucks is huge both in America and here in the UK, yet was rejected by Australia. Given that too hate fake hype (and Starbucks for that matter) I think Australia might be the country for me.


Submission + - SPAM: Windows 7 alluring, but XP is migration X factor

coondoggie writes: "Corporate migration to Windows 7 may be less about evaluating the new Microsoft operating system and more about how to properly gauge the correct time to get XP off client desktops. The equation corporate IT pros will have to figure out is how long it will take to get all their XP desktops to Windows 7 before XP support runs out or before application vendors quit producing XP versions of upgrades or new software, which some predict could come as early as 2012. Windows 7 is the shiny new operating system from Microsoft slated to arrive this fall to replace Windows Vista, which after 30 months has failed in the eyes of IT buyers. Windows 7 offers a host of tantalizing corporate features such as AppLocker, DirectAccess, Branch Cache and XP Mode, a virtualization technology that should buy time for users who migrate but must hold on to key legacy applications. [spam URL stripped]"
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Comment Re:EFF is nice.... (Score 1) 172

... most of whom are almost certainly guilty, and all of whom are foreigners ...

I know i'll be modded (at least) offtopic for this but i don't care. I just need to point out that many people in Guantanamo are there for nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mozzam Begg for instance is just a normal british muslim who was in Afghanistan building a secret school for women to get education, despite risking execution by the taliban if discovered. Then after 9/11 the American's found him, put in his report that he was building weapons and sent him to Guantanamo. And with regard to the point in hand, America will see no change with regards to government transparency - The Obama administration is just a corporate rebranding of America, identical to any company's rebranding when it goes down in public oppinion. We have the same political theatre here in Britain but at least by having a monarch there's at least some admition to the fact that meritocracy is most definitely not, and never was, here.


Submission + - GeForce 8800 Ultra takes top GPU spot, costs $800

GraphicsGus writes: "NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 line of graphics cards was already the fastest on the block and AMD (formerly ATI) has had no rebuttal since its launch in November. Apparently that still wasn't good enough for the NVIDIA as they announced the new GeForce 8800 Ultra today that tops their GTX part as the world's fastest GPU. PC Perspective has put the new card through a large battery of tests including Rainbow Six Vegas, Supreme Commander Oblivion and five other titles. And guess what? It wins them all. AMD better hope that R600 is the powerhouse we are all expecting, but at over $800 MSRP, the 8800 Ultra is still going to have a limited audience, to say the least."

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