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Comment Re:Skewed data? (Score 1) 37

This is just data for the people who choose to whitelist/blacklist. So of the people who DO blacklist, Facebook is #1 The report also includes info about the top categories blocked by network admins, which unsurprisingly, are related to porn. Full disclosure; I work at OpenDNS :) Hope that helps clarify the data.

PayPal Most Phished, Facebook Most Blocked 37

Orome1 writes "OpenDNS released statistics about which websites were commonly blocked — and which websites users were frequently given access to — in 2010. The report additionally details the companies online scammers targeted in 2010, as well as where the majority of phishing websites were hosted. Facebook is both one of the most blocked and the most allowed websites, reflecting the push/pull of allowing social sites in schools and the workplace. On the other hand, 45 percent of all phishing attempts made in 2010 were targeting PayPal."

Submission + - Let us Remind Your Boss About SysAdmin Day (

LauraOppen writes: SysAdmin Appreciation Day is fast approaching — July 30. For SysAdmins that want some recognition from their bosses or manager, OpenDNS is offering a handy boss reminder service. All you need to do is fill out this form — and they'll email your boss the day before, letting them know they should say "thanks" — or provide a caffeinated gift.

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