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Comment Museum Buzz (Score 1) 131

I work at a museum where we have been running an adult program called MOSH After Dark (Museum of Science and History and yeah I know that sounds like a Cinemax show) for a few years now. Usually "adult level" topics but that ones that sell out that quickest are Home Brewing and How rum is made (you get to make your own rum flavors and get to have 1 liter of it) It's mostly 20 to 30's year olds and is very popular. Since I work in the plane arium I'm happy they don't have us run shows for them. Laser crowds are already halfway gone I can only image a totally buzzed entire theater. I'm sure our clean up staff would LOVE that.

Comment Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact (Score 1) 686

If they had the technology to build Dyson Sphere they would also know that their parent star won't last forever making the build a complete waste of time and resources. As someone else stated if they follow Darwinian evolution and wanted to grow and spread out then they would simple leave their system for another one. Again if they had the tech to build it they could leave way easier and cheaper. (Time and resource wise)

Comment Reboot/Remake (Score 0) 425

I hope any of you who are against Lucas have never seen a remake/reboot or whatever you call them. If he wants to redo parts fine. It's his prerogative.Don't buy/see it. Sometimes the reboot/remake works (Battlestar Galatica) and sometimes they bomb (Day the Earth Stood Still). And those weren't made by the people who made the originals.

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