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Submission + - Neo1973 (=OpenMoko) phone booting NetBSD/(evb)arm (feyrer.de)

hubertf writes: "OpenMoko is a project that runs Open Source software on Open hardware. So far, only Linux is available, but this is changing now: Noud de Brouwer has posted about his success running NetBSD on qemu-neo1973, which emulates the hardware that the OpenMoko project uses.

The post includes links to a package for 'mkimage', which, according to the packages' DESCR file, ``adds a header to a kernel image with information and checksums for the u-boot bootloader used in embedded systems'', instructions on how to derivea NEO1973/OpenMoko port for NetBSD from the existing evbarm/SMDK2410 port, and discussion about running OpenMoko under Qemu."

Comment Ads? (Score 5, Interesting) 302

In the past, the main reason I have avoided Yahoo is simply because of all the ads. They slowed down the search to a crawl, and I could barely find any content amongst the ads.

The toolbar 'screenshot' convieniently cuts off the end of the bar... is this to hide ads and other crap? Or are we spared? :)

Either way, I think I'd prefer to just add Yahoo to FireFox's in-built search engine bar. Not that I would use it... since I have Google!

But seriously, Yahoo seems to be going in the right direction. The engine seems to have increased in speed lately. In fact, search results are as quick to load as on Google. What's more, the number of ads on the results page has decreased; just a few textual ads remain.

In fact... Yahoo is looking a lot like Google.

Now I wish Netcraft would write a version of their toolbar for FireFox.

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