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Comment It's the lawyers (Score 5, Insightful) 373

If you've ever been deposed as part of a lawsuit, the lawyer will go through every email and key on those particular words to present them is the worst possible light. I had to go through this once and spent three days, basically, justifying every word I used. Now when a customer comes to me and says they have a problem or something is not working, I will ask, "what behavior are you expecting to see and what are you seeing?" When we resolve the "problem", we simply say they should see the expected behavior now and please get back to us if they don't. It sucks but that's the reality.

GM definitely knew they had problems and didn't fix them, but I'm sure there were many emails that were unrelated to their intentional disregard to the known problems that they had to defend along the way. Every little sentence or word that someone has to justify means more time with the lawyers racking up fees. You can't skirt around real problems with the change in words, but it makes it harder for the lawyers to bring in unrelated or insignificant facts into the mix.

Comment Silverlight is still there - HTML5 is not (Score 2) 358

I've used SkyDrive infrequently but I have only ever noticed Silverlight being used for 3 things. 1) Video playback 2) Picture albums/slide show 3) File uploading It looks like they only removed it for the first 2. SilverLight still comes up for the advanced file uploading. Also can someone show me where HTML 5 is used on the site other than CSS 3 opacity (which isn't technically HTML5 but comes along for the ride in every browser that supports HTML5) and the DOCTYPE? Please don't jump all over me if you find some HTML5, it's just not really obvious that any HTML that didn't exist in HTML 4 is there from a quick look at the page source on many of the pages:) This is a nice redesign, but it doesn't seem like anyone should be using this as a HTML 5 showcase.

Comment My license is already a debit card (Score 1) 394

When I got my license (a long time ago) it came with a bunch of available points. When I wanted to use a higher speed limit I spent some points. If I didn't need the higher speed limit for a while the points were added back. If I used up all my points I wasn't allowed to drive anymore. This is just a logical extension :)

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