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Submission + - Where To Cut Corners When the Security Budget Gets Tight ( 1

itwbennett writes: For the past several years we've been reading about soaring security spending, driven by rising threats. Just yesterday analyst firm Technavio released a report predicting that global security spending in the government sector will reach $42 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of over 9%. But if your company's budget is on the leaner side, there are some belt tightening steps you can take without putting your company at risk. The advice in this article boils down to this: Don't spend out on more shiny things; do get back to basics. Rick Howard, CSO at Palo Alto Networks puts it this way: 'A great truism to our industry is that many of us Network Defenders like to spend money on all kinds of shiny new playthings to defend our networks but fail to make time to get them fully deployed.'

Comment Training rather than being walked to the door? (Score 1) 707

Almost everyone I've known who has been fired or laid off has been walked to the door straight after being told - possibly there was a side trip to pick up anything personal - and the idea that they'd be training their replacement seems absurd. The only time I can see it working is when someone leaves a company for external reasons, such as changing location.

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