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Comment Original DS (Score 1) 138

The original DS is pretty much my favorite game system right now and I don't even want a 3DS. Not interested in 3D functionality, and there's still countless great games for the original DS I can get used copies cheaply. I do favor that style of game over the 99 cent style time-wasters (Angry Birds was free on android, and that fulfills that niche enough for me), but until there's quality games on the 3DS that match that of the original DS, I'll be waiting.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 129

Dark Spire on the Nintendo DS is really good for a Wizardry-style game and probably the closest to being like the old games of the genre, and there's also a new Wizardry game for PS3 I can't vouch for as I haven't played. There's also the Etrian Odyssey series and Strange Journey on DS, the latter which I'm playing through right now. Sadly, there hasn't been anything quite like the M&M series in a long time (games featuring a huge, amusingly-designed open world and rapid, dramatic character progression for a party of characters) and Ubisoft is currently using the license to release puzzle games. :( At least Heroes of M&M is still around, but that's a different genre.

Comment Re:A step back? (Score 2, Informative) 401

It isn't like XI. XI is better is every way except graphics.

If your system is a few years out of date, the graphics aren't better either. I could tell there was more detail there, but I had to tone down settings to get the game to run decently so that it ended up actually looking worse than how I could've run FFXI. It also seemed muddier and more bland than FFXI. It does have a more featured character creator though.

Comment Re:Damn annoying (Score 1) 583

Same here. My original 360, one of the launch consoles, was always located on a flat, stable surface. I never moved my console while playing. But it'd often make screeching sounds as it tossed the disc within around. It scratched Oblivion until it became unplayable (most likely the constant loading the game does, more so than other games, didn't help matters), as well as putting significant scratches in other games, causing them to crash more and more as I played them. I got tired of my game discs being ruined so had to call them for a 'repair' - basically, paying the 'repair' fee so they could send me a new, different one. I'd hoped for a Red Ring of Death but that never came.

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