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Submission + - Pat McGovern, Founder of Computerworld, Macworld and For Dummies Publisher, Dies (

Lanterns writes: The Wall Street Journal writes:

Despite a fortune estimated at $5.7 billion, Mr. McGovern cultivated a modest image, flying coach and driving a used car. He was known for appearing on his employees' 10th anniversaries and whisking them to a lobster dinner or the local equivalent. At Christmastime he sometimes handed out bonuses and holiday cards, personally thanking every employee of the company. Employees were known to call him "Uncle Pat" behind his back.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 303

For users technical enough to get the hang of filters and labels, they should have no trouble sorting through their e-mail. Maybe Google is trying to make it easier for the non-technical people. But it threatens to detract from the workflow of those who feel like they do have a handle on managing our inbox already.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 303

This is a very weak comparison. E-mail offers vast improvements over snail mail, such that it is crippling the US Postal Service's revenue. Gmail's recent changes have offered little in terms of substantial improvements. It has left many users with the impression that it is change for the sake of change, like Windows 8 over Windows 7.

Comment Re:Nintendo's Right, but being Jerks about it... (Score 2) 297

Notch has a lot more to gain from the goodwill of letting people share his games. He's a much smaller game developer than Nintendo and depends more on having the good graces of his fans. An Nintendo doesn't have much to lose. Most people won't see anything wrong Nintendo just soaks up the ad revenue from the video. It's a bit absurd that the people who make these videos think they can profit from the game.

Comment Re:Easy... (Score 1) 1121

For the sake of argument--and I am not a Genesis literalist--it's kind of crude to assume we know what kind of "behavior God on high would engage in." One could imagine that God would have to lower Himself and speak on terms the little creatures would understand. You could say that no emperor would ever engage in baby talk, but when the man needs to communicate to his toddler, he's going to dumb it down a lot. Christian non-literalists can argue that God communicates symbolicly in very human ways--liberally using myths and what not (not pun intedended)--because it the best way to get his point across to the little meat creatures running around down here.

Comment Re:I used to block ads (Score 1) 978

Thank you for the uncited numbers you pulled from the air. I think they are fictitious and insupportable. News report: Businesses exist to make a profit. Websites have found no better way to make a profit on free sites than ads. The world ain't Wikipedia. If you can't put up with the ads, you aren't going to open your wallet, and those free sites are going to go under really quick if the majority of users all use Adblock.

Comment Eyewitnesses confirmed bloodshed in the Square! (Score 1) 235

Since when was Wikileaks the authorized source of truth? Eyewitnesses and journalists present at the massacre have stated that there was bloodshed at the Square. Why should I believe some anonymous Wikileaks document over other testimony? For example, Chinese-Canadian Journalist Jan Wong wrote about the incident in detail in her book "Red China Blues." Granted, she could have been lying, but give me a reason I should believe Wikileaks over her. A few sources:

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