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Comment Re:Be direct (Score 2) 599

Why doesn't MS offer a "normal" edition and a "spam and snoop" edition ("Windows 10 SSE" *). The normal version would cost more. At least you'd know what you are getting and can avoid junk by paying more.

* Or Godwin it: "SS"

They do, but not for consumers. The enterprise version does not have this, even with Windows Spotlight - there is no link for fun tips etc.

Comment Re:I DON'T want windows 10 (Score 1) 96

I installed the Insider Preview from scratch (wiped hard disk) on a spare laptop. It reproducibly kills the touchpad and the keyboard after a few minutes. The system keeps running and I can still send it to stand-by and wake it up with the power button, but without keyboard and touchpad input, it's useless. Couldn't even shut down the system without external input devices. That's the kind of quality control I expect from a Chinese eBay seller, but Microsoft?

Driver issue is not Microsoft's fault.

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