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Comment NEWS FLASH!!! EA doesn't make games (Score 1) 369

EA doesn't make games and they aren't a game developer. EA is a corporation that monetizes an interactive, visual art experience. NOW IN 3D! They haven't made games since the 16-bit Sega days. As a corporation, they don't read forums, they don't read reviews. EA listens to stockholders, focus groups and quartely reports. They only hear the sound of a product not meeting quarterly projections. Trolling them on reddit does no good because they don't have a soul and they only believe in franchises that bring in fat stacks of money. Hopefully they don't infect the rest of the industry so some other company doesn't figure out a way to legalize gold farming by making a game where the only incentive to keep playing is to farm loot so you can sell it for real money on an auction house...

Comment Re:Linux shouldn't be hard, geek elitism has to go (Score 1) 185

You are combining high level and low level usage when my comment tries to separate the two. If you want to use "Linux" then you pick a distribution and learn how to use the menus to run applications, learn how to use the file manager to access files (which has been simplifed to Documents, Desktop, Pictures) and finally learn how to use a gui package manager to keep it updated (Updates yes to install). If you want to learn "Linux" then you pick a shell and learn how to use it, you pick a scripting language and learn how to use it, you pick a desktop/window manager and learn how to customize it, download source code and learn how to compile it.... That is hard work so you have to put in the effort. BadCarAnalogy: The masses learn the bare minimum to drive safely on the road then they pick a car based on color, speed/gas mileage and "OOH Look Shinies". A mechanic/engineer needs to know about thermodynamics or how gas-air mixtures behave under pressure. I don't need to know the cubic square feet of a hemi engine block but I do need to know which car has the easiest onscreen display to play music and get directions (not Ford Sync). Now if I want to pimp my ride then I'm going to learn how the car works so I can bend it to my will. The masses don't learn Linux, hackers and programmers do.

Comment Re:Linux shouldn't be hard, geek elitism has to go (Score 3, Interesting) 185

While I agree with your post I think you are combining two extremes of Linux. "Linux Distributions" should be easy but Learning Linux should be hard. The masses should be able to choose a distribution that easy and will work out of the box (ala RHEL, Ubuntu, Linux Mint...). Learning Linux itself (kernels, command line, compiling from source, customize it to your liking) will never and shouldn't be easy because of the sheer amount of information. While condescending elitism has no place in any subject, I don't think something as open and complex as Linux will ever be easy. The masses should expect that web browsing, word processing, email and the occassional light game of solitaire should be easy. Hackers should expect to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and occassionally fubar the system. As far as documentation and tutorials... Good Luck getting programmers to write something outside of comments.

Comment Re:Raspberry PI isn't Android, iOS or Windows Phon (Score 1) 170

The Raspberry Pi isn't an Arduino either. It's not "embedded".

The whole point of the Pi is that it's a fully-fledged standalone system (once you add keyboard/monitor/mouse) - but cheap and robust.

The idea is that a schoolkid -- even one from a family that's not wealthy - can have a Raspberry Pi of their own do mess with as they please. Depending on the distro, it boots to a GUI, you can go straight into an IDE, and if you screw anything up it's easy to start again from scratch.

You are correct that the PI itself isn't a true embedded system like the Arduino but the site references Adafruit. Adafruit's whole business model is based around the maker community and they have step by step tutorials for embedded programming w/ the PI.

Comment Raspberry PI isn't Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 (Score 0) 170

The article states "Currently [Adafruit] are working on how to make the Raspberry Pi, the $25 one board computer, easier to use. The problem is that currently it all works with Linux which not every potential user knows or wants to learn just to be able to program the device.".

That one statement takes away from a good article about the Raspberry PI Web IDE. If you're going to learn to "program the device" which I"m assuming means embedded systems then why wouldn't you learn Linux. If you aren't using the gpio outputs to work with hardware then you might as well use the cheaper alternative of your own computer and a bootable usb stick with a distro of your choice. The Raspberry PI is relatively new so stay away if you don't want to get your hands dirty. If you want to stick to software then learn to program with a mobile OS.

tl;dr - startx

Comment Re:My 16 bit games cost 50 bucks (Score 5, Insightful) 323

Of all the examples you listed, how many of those ~$80 can you still play 20 years later after the studio is gone or no longer supporting the game? The way EA is setting up Origin, you are just renting the games and they only guarantee access for 2years in the Origin TOS. With DLC and in game ads, they are overcharging for the game.

Comment Re:I don't know how this is clever (Score 1) 165

Exactly Correct. The use of sensationalist headlines is the reason Fox News claims to be "Fair & Balanced", Sara Palin can get away with "Death Panels" and CNN trolls it's viewer by re-writing headlines to see which SEO wording gets the most hits. The truth is boring and tedious get used to it and you'll be better for it.

Comment Re:"increased goodwill from users"? (Score 4, Insightful) 299

I just got on the e-reader bandwagon last Christmas and I can say that I have only purchased one book because I don't want to be locked in to B&N (yes I know it's hackable) if they can't withstand the Amazon/Tablet onslaught. I have 2 bookshelves full of books and choose to checkout library e-books instead of purchasing them. I'd gladly pay for an e-book if a) it is cheaper than the hard copy AND b) I could read it on any device at anytime without an internet connection long after [insert controlling entity] is gone. DRM is and always will be a short term gain because in the long run it will cost you more to maintain it.

Comment Re:Doesn't this bother anyone? (Score 5, Insightful) 72

I'm black, and I think that even if Obama is "my nigga", he cannot be trusted, and he betrayed most of those who voted for him with all his false promises.

I intend to vote against "my nigga" next time.

I guess you can call me an Uncle Tom, but I'd rather be called that than be called a sucker or an idiot.

Posting as AC and talking about trust is an irony in itself. Anyone naive enough to think that the President can drastically change the way a nation works in 4 years is a sucker and an idiot. Government is slow to work and slow to react because it is run by a committee of people who have their own agenda that doesn't always align with the President's agenda. It doesn't matter who is in office, if the kids can't play nice then nothing gets done. Let's set the record straight, a President has the least control on how a nation is run, the body of Congress has most of the power. If you want one man to run the country move to Syria. If you want change, you should be more selective of your Congressional representatives instead of only paying attention to 2 people for ~6 months every 4 years.

Comment Re:And now, for the rest of the story... (Score 3, Interesting) 227

How about quotes from the same era about Linux on the desktop? Or quotes from every year since about how this year will be the long heralded Year Of Linux on the desktop?

It started as media hype but this is the era of mobile computing and I would say that Linux has done extremely well in that market. Apple is still #1, Android is #2 but Microsoft is 4th when there is a huge gap between 2nd and 3rd. Android is still a consolation prize until they can start running neck and neck with the iPad and when that happens, you'll have more PR hype asking "Is this the year the [mainstream] desktop dies?" It's all part of the plan for Linux world dominance. Bow down to your root overlords!

Comment Re:Supply & Demand for an digital copy (Score 1) 507

I don't see where you get "free" from my post. If Photoshop version X was already developed and sitting on the shelf of some store at $99.99 and they raised the price because the lead designer decided to join a monastery, you're OK with Adobe increasing the price of existing software on the shelf to $120 when it's at $99.99. If they create Photoshop Version X+1 then there is a cost associated with developing that version and hence the increased price.

Comment Supply & Demand for an digital copy (Score 1) 507

I'm not an economist and I was fortunate enough to stay in computer science and not transfer to business school so please explain how increased demand for a good that is digital results in increased supply. There is no added cost for Sony to reproduce the digital album once it's on iTunes so why is it acceptable to increase the price of an existing song (or any song)? Isn't this a prime example of price gouging? If the demand for a product increases suddenly and it costs you more to produce additional products then by all means raise the price. If the product is collecting dust on the shelf and in response to some external factor you blantantly scratch out the old price and add texa$ to it then that makes you a greedy @$$hole.

Comment Re:I don't understand you people (Score 1) 406

If my cellular data speed is realistically able to hit 7mb/sec at that very moment then my past usage should have no bearing on my current speed. If you're going to knock me for data usage take away unlimited data plans. If you're going to knock me for my data speed then add speed packages. If you're going to knock me for my data and speed usage, then I'll switch to Verizon, Sprint,...[insert carrier C who will do the same thing without regulation].

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