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Comment Re:Uhm... since when are non-competes a bad thing? (Score 1) 97

Has anyone ever seen a non-compete actually stop someone from moving to another company? Non-competes have never been successfully upheld unless the ex-employee has it as part of his /her severance package. If they give you a million dollars to go away, they might be able to stop you from working for a competitor for a while. If you are fired, no way no how.

Comment Re:Only if you can't get addresses (Score 2) 574

Large corporate entities are also selling address space. Bought a class B for a Million last year. Not personally, but the corporate entity I represent.

If the ipv6 standards group had made an incremental change to address address space and left the rest of the protocols, then things might be different. As it was they threw in a bunch of features that no one wanted, and no one needs. IPv6 is a rehash of the failed and unused OSI transport and intranetwork protocols, which were soundly rejected by the market. The problem was that no one really took a good look at the protocols outside of the OSI because the working engineers were too busy keeping the networks on.

The good thing is that the longer adaption period is enabling older OSs, routers and incompatible switches to drop out of use and the market. Most carriers have had it in the lab for 10 years, vendor bugs have been discovered and fixed without melting down the internet. So what we are waiting for now is the cost benefits for ipv6 to show up. Considering that fixed space ipv4 is now something you can SELL, widespread use of ipv6 is actually of negative value for the carriers.

Meanwhile, the large planned ip6 conversions haven't happened. The US Army passed their 2008 deadline and said F it, we will switch when we need to. Comcast uses it for cable box and element addressing, but not for internet access. APAC should be driving the adaptation, but OSs and router versions are primitive in most areas of the APAC, so the people with the most to gain have the riskiest road forward.

Comment Re:Passwords are property of the employer (Score 1) 599

Actually he set it up so that they could not in fact reset the passwords without permanently deleting the configurations, in some case they would permanently lose configuration if they were powered down, He put his own padlocks on the trucks, and booby trapped some of them to have the engines burn up if they messed with the locks.

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