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Comment Re:FBI f to the b to the i FBI FBI can I get a wha (Score 1) 134

Not them, but I can oblige. Here is clear and recent poof of NASA faking space images of Jupiter, taken from NASA's own website site

and on the same website site, you can see that the "faked" June 30th photo is credited as being taken May 19. No wonder the photos look the same, they were taken during the same time period.

Comment Re: As a former journalist, this isn't a big deal (Score 1) 134

It's not a problem at all. What "truth" is there in Hulk Hogan's private affairs with people he knows inside of private places?

Thank god Gawker is gone, it was a trash paparazzi publication which provided almost no benefit to anyone, profiting off of bullying other people. Good riddance and go fuck yourself, Denton, along with any "journalist" who thinks this is an assault on freedom of speech. Privacy does exist.

If you really have a problem with it, I suggest you send me a video of your sex life so that I can try to make millions of dollars off of publicly humiliating you with it. Thanks in advance.

Comment Re:Smart key for ignition, not access. (Score 1) 215

This is patently false on many new Jeeps, and probably false on most new cars. What car manufactured in the last 10 years doesn't have remote door unlocks? How many of those don't have an option for remote starting? Jeep even has an app for remote starting. Seriously, inserting a key into the door to unlock it? That's 1990s technology.

Jeep Grand Cherokees have "smart key" like you describe which will allow for unlocking the door based on proximity alone, all you need is to have a key within x distance and place your hand on the doorhandle as if you were about to open it in order for it to unlock. If thieves are reproducing or reprogramming key fobs somewhere then whether the door is locked or not is irrelevant.

One of the links talks about thieves who enter unlocked cars and attach a laptop to an interior electronics port, which they then use to start the car, which is the only indication that locking it may be helpful. I would have to guess that they reproduce a new key somehow after it has been stolen.

Comment Re:And innocent Russian govt never hacked anyone (Score 2) 114

Broken reasoning? My reasoning?

The CrowdStrike blog makes it pretty clear that they think it's not just a lone individual and that it's an group with enough resources, time, and organization to suggest that it's backed by a nation-state.

Seriously, what the fuck? In what universe is it broken reasoning to think that a government might attempt to spy on another government, particularly the USA and Russia? I don't even understand what you're trying to argue here.

It's possible that there are other explanations to what happened, but the DNC servers were compromised multiple times over the span of at least a year. It's not even plausible to argue that it's the work of a lone Romanian hacker. Like I said, the one thing that is almost certainly not true here is that this guy is Romanian, and it's even less likely that the first attack by an apparently separate organization is also Romanian.

The big picture here is that wholly unsurprising political espionage occurred and multiple signs point to it having Russian involvement. It's bordering on delusional to believe that a native Russian-speaking Romanian who claims only to be Romanian is the cause of it all.

Comment Re:Notepad ++ (Score 1) 286

I do use np++ a lot for note taking, but I don't like to have to disable the function autocomplete feature every time I want to take general notes.

The session saving feature does make it nicer for taking general notes, though. Not having to save a document before you close is kind of awesome.

Highly agree and slightly disagree. I use sublime text 2 like this, partly because it had some multi-cursor and other text editing stuff that I thought was neat, including the autocomplete junk. It's not that important, but I like it. I would definitely shut it off if I weren't used to it, or if it completed things without me noticing more often. I do love most of those little features like autocomplete and matching brackets and the minimap.

Highly agree because the major, major reason I like it is that I can just open up tabs and close the whole thing without having to save, or organize, or whatever. I make a new project, give it a general topic, and then have tabs of notes with the tab getting an auto-title from the first line. Because the main difficulty for me with taking notes like this is with organizing them, this setup is almost perfect for me. I just never have to worry about it other than not deleting my projects folder. The sessions are all in plaintext, too, in what looks like json, so if you encounter an error or need to grep it or something you can do that.

I also installed some emacs-style keybinds. I'm sure something like np++ would be just as good, I just happened to start doing this with sublime.

Comment Re:There are much more discrepancies in his legend (Score 1) 114

The motivation primarily seems to be fame-seeking.

You might think so, except for how he doesn't even present any kind of nom de hacker to the world. If you seek attention, do you really name yourself as someone else 2.0?

While it may be conjecture, his original blog post is pretty clearly written by a native Russian speaker to anyone capable of making conjectures based off of it. The chances of him actually being Romanian are very, very small.

Comment Re:And innocent Russian govt never hacked anyone (Score 3, Insightful) 114

When anything like this can be clearly pin-pointed to China and Russia, then you can bet it was staged as such.

"If there's ever evidence of Russian hacking, it must have been fabricated"

Whatever, guy. Anyone who looked at his blog can tell that whoever wrote it is a native Russian speaker. Not only that, but he stole someone else's nickname?

The only thing clearly fabricated here is the idea that he's Romanian, which he almost certainly is not. It's about as clear as you either having language difficulties of your own or clearly lacking any technical knowledge. The post you're replying to was not speaking of internet proxies or compromised machines, but of people or groups of people. The people are not known at all, they've just used the same style and techniques.

I suggest you read to CrowdStrike blog post about it because it explains pretty thoroughly why they believe it to be a nation-state actor. Considering the likelihood of a nation-state actor acting for the benefit of the Russian Federation without any ties to Russia itself are basically zero, it's idiotic to suggest anything else.

As far as I can tell the only thing even suggesting that this might be a singular hacker is how jealous he was about CrowdStrike calling him or them out on having inferior skill to the other already established DNC hack which he ended up exposing when his was caught, but that would be true of a group as well.

Comment Re:adblock option? (Score 1) 135

As far as I know, you can only install Chrome extensions in Vivaldi by typing in the internal extensions page address, enabling developer mode and then manually downloading and adding each extension.

Then it was a very recent change.

This is not a recent change. The Chrome Store is just a webpage which you can visit, and which treats Vivaldi as if it were Chrome for everything I've tried. You go to it, click on an extension, and it shows the overview for it, including an "Add to Chrome" button. It's been this way since at least November, 5 months ago.

Comment Re:I must know the other half ... (Score 1) 585

All the government is asking is for Apple to help assist it bypass the encryption on its own phone. In other words, this isn't a privacy issue like it's being made out to be. This is a company refusing to help an owner bypass a lost password on their own device, even though the circumstances are extraordinary.

I just posted this somewhere else, but what is the difference?

A permission slip from the owners (San Bernardino County) is as good as permission slip from the government (signed search warrant).

It might even be less important knowing that its the owners are requesting it. Why should the owners of a phone be required to be given a newly special-crafted firmware so that they can brute-force their way into their own device? It's their own goddamn device, they already have had all the access to it that anybody could hope for.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 585

that said that apple shouldn't be forced to create a backdoor to add to a phone, but they should be required to unlock any existing phones

I hope this detail was just lost in your paraphrasing, but Apple has been ordered to create a backdoor to add to an existing phone, which basically makes this statement nonsense.

Or, rather, Apple has been ordered to implement a potential backdoor which does not exist yet.

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