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Comment Try the CQRS design pattern (Score 2) 274

I suggest you look at the CQRS pattern. A good Java implementation is The advantage is the CQRS pattern that it is fairly simple, but highly scalable. So you can start small and simple with the confidence that you can tweak and optimise in the future to scale as required. There are good tutorials and support too. My team is using it for an industrial application and we have found that it has been very robust. It might take a bit of work to get your head around the concepts, but it is worthwhile in the end.

Comment Re:Firebreaks are a simple solution. (Score 2) 79

That helps, but in severe conditions, as we are having now, it is still no guarantee. The problem of after people are evacuated means that even building that are hundreds of meters from the fire can still burn down. The strategy in NSW is to evacuate if there is any risk to life, so we have the situation where many buildings have been lost but so far no lives.

Paleontologists Discover World's Horniest Dinosaur 109

Ponca City, We love you writes "The Guardian reports that paleontologists have uncovered the remains of an ancient beast called Kosmoceratops richardsoni that stood 16 feet tall with a 6-foot skull equipped with 15 horns and lived 76 million years ago in the warm, wet swamps of what is now southern Utah. 'These animals are basically over-sized rhinos with a whole lot more horns on their heads. They had huge heads relative to their body size,' says Scott Sampson, a researcher at the Utah Museum of Natural History."

Space Photos Taken From Shed Stun Astronomers 149

krou writes "Amateur astronomer Peter Shah has stunned astronomers around the world with amazing photos of the universe taken from his garden shed. Shah spent £20,000 on the equipment, hooking up a telescope in his shed to his home computer, and the results are being compared to images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. 'Most men like to putter about in their garden shed,' said Shah, 'but mine is a bit more high tech than most. I have fitted it with a sliding roof so I can sit in comfort and look at the heavens. I have a very modest set up, but it just goes to show that a window to the universe is there for all of us – even with the smallest budgets. I had to be patient and take the images over a period of several months because the skies in Britain are often clouded over and you need clear conditions.' His images include the Monkey's head nebula, M33 Pinwheel Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy and the Flaming Star Nebula, and are being put together for a book."

Comment Mine training simulation goes one better (Score 1) 158

The guys at have created an interactive 3D simulation to evacuate entire coal mines (and other things). As far as I know, this is the only full 3D 360 degree simulation in the world and it is designed so that a group of 10 or 20 miners can work through detailed simulations with a trainer in their full equipment. I have seen a lot of virtual reality systems, and this is by far the most realistic one that I have seen. The users report that it is more like a coal mine than the concrete mock ups that they also use for training. Disclaimer - I did some work on it!
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Submission + - Gamespot editor fired over review of Eidos game 2

PocketPick writes: Kotaku is reporting that following a unflatering review of the game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, long-time editor Jeff Gerstmann is no longer under the employment of video gaming website Gamespot and it's parent, CNET. Kane & Lynch, a game published by Eidos for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC, has been heavily featured in flash, image and text advertisments on Gamespot's website since the release on November 13th, inevitably leading to questions whether or not Mr. Gerstmann's firing was motivated by pressure from Eidos.

Submission + - Linux Users Can't Sell On eBay ( 2

bobintetley writes: Many Linux/Firefox users are reporting problems uploading images to eBay. Having tested this myself, it is indeed completely broken. Why eBay would break standard HTTP uploads by using IE specific javascript to "check the file exists" boggles the mind. This problem has been reported to eBay since late October, but so far with no resolution. eBay have since stated that only IE is supported. I guess when you have no real competition you can pull stunts like this.

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