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Comment Re:Well, that's the end of upgrades (Score 1) 96

The main reason they're doing this?

So they can cram even more people in coach. Because if you can swap out the passenger accommodation, everywhere on the plane can be coach.

I'm guessing they're not seeing so much success with their programs like asking people to upgrade to "premium coach" (5cm extra legroom) for $30.

On my flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam back in January(Boing 777-ER), Delta wanted more like $130 for 'premium coach', had it been $30 i might actually have considered it. Now that we got the A380 going to Copenhagen i might be able to try two story cattle class on future trips, no doubt having any kind of blood circulation in your lower extremities will be $150 by then heh

Comment Re:Bla Bla Bla (Score 1) 207

Actually doubt that system is all that bad on power consumption, it's so powerful that it probably just idles a lot, DIMMs use very little power and so do SSDs as long as PSU efficiency isn't total crap(doubtful in a workstation/server class product) it probably consumes less than 100W at the wall most of the time.

Even old graphics cards like Radeon 5xx0 series(anno 2009) have reasonable power saving modes when not working hard, my 5870 crossfire rig pulls ~120W at the wall under normal, non gaming, loads. Little enough that i could run it for several hours per day off just a few m2 of Photovoltaics.

Comment Re:For some of us, it works (Score 1) 258

I actually found your post both reasonable and well considered. Too bad these discussions so often devolve into political and ideological trash talk.

As you said we fall on all range of the scale, while i personally can't handle such a workload as yours it's always good to hear how others make such situations work to an advantage, If TFA is to be believed a lot of people are going to need such expertise in the future.

Comment Re:CG ships could look alot better (Score 1) 35

As much as I'm an Amiga fanboy 4ever, that rumor needs to DIE, they used a wide mix of SGI workstations, Pentium & DEC Alpha renderfarms and even Macs for compositing for the actual series, only the pilot episode mostly had effects created on Commodore HW.
Sorry for being pedantic, but this IS Slashdot after all ;)

Comment Re:Denmark (Score 1) 204

Sounds like he has of 3 here in DK, the ads are all over TV heh) and yea it does throttle(64-256kbps) after you hit the cap, but that's pretty much par for the course.
My current provider Bibop charges 89dkk/m(~$13.50 USD) for similar service(6H talk, 12GB data, unlimited national texts) slightly more expensive but better coverage in my area.
Can't complain about speeds either, I've clocked my 4G S4 Zoom @ 68mbps down/18mbps upload with LTE on Telia/Telenors network that Bibop uses.

Comment Re:Cykelslangen (pronounced soo-cool-klag-en) (Score 2) 163

Everybody knows it's pronounced "kameloså"

As a Dane I just have to say:

It's 'CEEY - KILL - SCHLAAN - UHN'>/b>

And the literal translation is more along the lines of 'The Bicycle Snake', if you were English it'd probably be called 'The Serpent Way' or something of that ilk.
Now get off my bike-path^H^H Lawn!. Damn drunk pedestrians..

Comment Re:In his honor... (Score 1) 173

In his honor, I plan to launch a streaming burials site, where you can watch people being laid to rest 24/7. No, I will not pay any royalties to the families of the deceased.

I plan to call the site "GraveShark".

Definitely puts 'Shark Week' into a whole new perspective..

Your ideas intrigue me and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Comment Probably Overkill.. (Score 1) 558


Core i5 4670k @ 4.3Ghz
Gigabyte Z87 mobo
256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (OS/Apps)
2 x 1TB Seagate HDD in RAID0 (scratch disk)
2 x ATI Radeon HD5850 Crossfire
Watercooled CPU/GFX (mainly for the noise)
2x 24" 1080p Samsung LCD
Older 50" LG FullHD Plasma (movies)

Runs Win7 Used mostly for VMs, Creative Suite and a bit of Gaming and HTPC use.


AMD Athlon II x4 615e
Asrock Nforce based mobo
LSI 16 Port PCIe X8 SAS/Sata Controller
4 x 5in3 SAS/SATA backplanes w/trays. 64GB SSD OCZ Vertex III (OS)
16 x 2/8TB HDDs (RAID6, main storage ~100TB usable w/XFS once upgrade to 8TB drives is complete)
2 x 4TB HDD(RAID1, backups)
2 x PCIe Gbe Network cards
1 x PCIe Wifi adapter a/b/g/n

Runs Ubuntu Server, Mainly used for archiving lots of VMs, DVD and BD images. Also does double duty as main router/Intranet/VPN host. Runs 24/7.

Also several other older systems around the place, but nothing particularly interesting about them, they're mostly Franken-rigs built with whatever leftovers were available during a decades worth of upgrade cycles and random projects.

Comment Re: Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615

How about your cousins who live on the bad side of town? Or too bad for the kid whose dad wasn't as smart as you and had a car wreck on the way home from his second min. wage job? It's screw them because that is not me?


Or the kids living in the shitpile next door infecting your children with 'preventable disease of the week' because they can't afford any healthcare?

Their drunken father who tries to rob your place cause he has no access to a job, drug dependency treatment or proper education to improve his prospects.

The wife who's constantly abused and has kid after kid just to fill her empty miserable life with meaning, eventually hoping that at least one of them might end up being lucky/successful enough to support her after 50 years of abuse and neglect has taken their toll?

It's not just on a personal level, what about the people who needs loans and mortgages for their houses/businesses but can't get them without government incentives?

Environmental conscientiousness? NP we'll just export all our toxic crap to the 3rd world, after all, they're used to living in shitpiles anyway.

Oh and a big FU to all public rec. areas, national parks and heritage sites, art exhibitions, museums, libraries, transport systems, sanitation, emergency services, and anything else that these freeloaders mooch off the system.
Everyone knows if you have to share anything you're obviously a mental deviant and a menace to society, so should be shot on principle to improve the gene-pool.

Socialism really isn't that bad once you get used to it, at least I can look my neighbors(all of them) in the eye without cringing and that goes for neighboring nations as well. Society needs to work FOR EVERYBODY, nor just the privileged few.
Best would, of course, be massive privileges for everyone, but reality has to set in somewhere.. at least until we reach a post-scarecity society some day, even if that means AIs and drones running the world in some kind of Banksian utopia.

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