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Comment WHY ? (Score 1) 75

From OP : "You shouldn't be sending confidential things through Gmail in the first place"

  Why ? Why shouldn't I ? what should I do to send those ? use real mail ? Gmail is an email service, it's not supposed to search through you correspondance, and it shouldn't be allowed to.

  I'm sick and tired of assholes trying to defend privacy invading policies with illconceived arguments. Gmail is a service, a service that you PAY FOR through advertising, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why google should take the right to search through your mail, the same way there is no reason for USPS to search through your mails...

  And I'm not an anti-google troll, I have an Android Phone, and I use Gmail and even G+, and they are good products, but all the more reason for us to protect the quality of these services by preventing Google from abusing its position of power regarding its users and invading their privacy.

Comment Re:Chrome bound (Score 0) 807

dude, please stop shitting through your mouth. You're making sensible remarks and then you choose to ignore them in pure ideological frenzy.

  You've convinced yourself that FF is bloated so it has to be so whatever the evidence.

  I run my PC 24/7, I reboot it 3 times a week maybe when I take it to work. FF10 is ALWAYS on, and yes from time to time, I have to kill plug-in container, because I let 10+tabs with flash content or shockwave has gone berserk. but it is NOT FF.

  You've said it yourself, FF doesn't give you any trouble, it's the plug-ins.

  Now i'm sorry to be blunt, but you sound insane. I'm not going to try to convince you, if you're happy thinking Chrome is light and FF10 is bloated good for you, chrome is great... BUT please stop trolling, else I have to respond because you're propagating FUD, and I can't stand that.

Comment Only as safe as the least safe user ? (Score 1) 308

I just wondered how resilient to a weak link this is.

  Isn't your whole personnal network only as safe as the least safe member ? Say you get malware designed to fuck the network up, aren't you compromising your whole network, and therefore the whole network of each member of your network and so forth ... ?

  I have a lot a friends I could use this service with, but I'm not sure I would trust them on security matters...

  Because if (as always) the flaw is human, than this is nothing better than bit torrent. It is safer now because it is under the radar but that's all.

Comment Re:Chrome bound (Score 0) 807

I'll give you the same advice I gave the OP : se a shrink, and see him soon, because you're on the edge right now and if you don't solve your lattente issues with web browsers it's going to end badly for everyone.

  PS : I have 50+ tabs (grouped in 4 groups) opened right now on my FF 10.0.2, and it uses 320 MB of RAM which is just fucking FINE. I don't even feel it.

WHY ? because :

  A] I have a laptop that is younger than me. so I have 2GB RAM.

  B] I don't have 100 untrusted plug-ins and add-ons coded by 12 years old.

  C] I'm not insane !

Comment You are insane. Mentally ill. Seriously (Score -1, Flamebait) 807

Just download FF 10 and realize it is fucking stable, it just never crashes, and it uses a fine amount of RAM.

  YOU WON'T Notice the difference, except the UI is 10 times better, and you can group tabs easily and you'll have access to all the plug-ins and extensions (which in turn might THEM be fucking buggy or slow but stop bitching about mozilla)

  Also go see a shrink and talk about web browsers RAM usage and what it means for you because you're sick dude, really sick.

Comment Re:Maybe... (Score 1) 208

I respectfully disagree with Ted Nelson.

  He saw HTML as a way to give structure to the Web, which would ultimately result in control, whereas it was on the contrary built as the building block for a uncontroled, free field of expression.

  In some way I think HTML was to HyperText (as a concept) what the Web 2.0 was to HTML : a more user-generated content focused approach which ultimately allowed endless creativity and expression.

  I mean it's funny to see how Nelson is already concerned about rights management and version management. On the other hand I think its view on the Web Browser is really insightful. But whatever tool you use human only have 2 eyes, and for most of us we use both to look at the same thing at the same time.

Comment Make no sense in fiction (Score 1) 208

I think the idea of a work of fiction is to immerge you in a universe, an ambiance, a story, to make you forget you're actually reading or using any kind of media.

  The best way todo this is probably not to rely heavily on hypertext which are constant reminders of the media.

  It could make sense in a Tolstoï novel or a big work of SF where the universe is so complex and vast that you sometimes want to have a quick access to information relevent to the understanding . ( The silmarion and War and Peace are very hard at the beginning because every character has 3 different and unrelated names..., plus they generally have a lot of characters )

  But even if it could enhance the understanding or at least make it more convenient it would still be damaging to the general experience.

  Hypertext is great for quick access to a lot of related small pieces of information, but that's not what you want for a book. You want a deep experience of submerging yourself in a universe. It has to be even more immersive than a movie, and that's why it is so rewarding

Comment Re:too bad i switched to chrome....... (Score 1) 163

On my laptop (Core 2 duo P8600, 2GB RAM, aka crap) FF10 with a fresh session (0 tabs) opens in a little under 2.5 seconds under win7.

  So either you run pretty fast, or your PC is full of bloatware/very slow.

  Then again that would be so surprising, the same laptop boots to CATIA V5 in less than 10 seconds, but it takes my university's Quad Core XEON with 16GB RAM over a minute to start the same application.

  Also to consider, when you see the desktop screen of win7, the boot process isn't complete, so it's no freaking use clicking on FF 10 icon, because there are 20 processes running in the background.

Comment Re:too bad i switched to chrome....... (Score 1) 163

Apparently you can't be touched by irony and/or you don't like making sense.

    I meant to say (to be clear) that 12 months is a very long time considering how fast browser tech advances nowadays, which you seemed to disagree with, but you provided a example that was 100% backing my view.

  So Again : FF 3.6 OLD SLOW BAD. FF10 NEW FAST GOOD. Got it ?

Comment Re:too bad i switched to chrome....... (Score 4, Informative) 163

When did you last use FF ? v3.5 ?

  I use both right now, on win7, Linux Mint and CrunchBang. My FF always has 20-30 tabs opened, it's my main browser, I only use Chrome when have no browser opened and I don't want to wait for FF to start with my 30 opened tabs.

  Based on my experience, FF 10 isn't bloated at all. It's as fast as Chrome and has way more useful plugins.

  On an unrelated note I trust mozilla a gazillion times more than I trust google.

Comment Re:Whatever it is, it is not a right. (Score 1) 410

Given the fact that the US constitution was written by agnostic humanitarians inspired by the Enlightenment and is now supposedly the basis of the far right-wing nutjob christian extremist ideology I'd say they might have wanted it to be a little more self explanatory.
That or do something about education...

Comment Re:Whatever it is, it is not a right. (Score 1) 410

You think 117 pages is a long bill ? For regulating the privacy issues on the internet so that is can be compatible with the laws of 27 countries ?
Dude FFS ! It took the senate 3000 pages to make a half baked healthcare reform that's not even close to what French people have been enjoying since 1945 ! (And all the other European nations from roughly the same period of time)
Get over yourself ! Yes it is long, because it is a complicated issue and contrary to what the OP (who's definitely on Google/Facebook payroll) tries to implie they did take a very serious look at what the consequences would be on free speech. Is it a complexe issue that you might not be able to grasp in its full complexity by spending 5 minutes on slashdot : HELL YES.

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