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Comment Re:Cheaper solution: all electric (Score 2) 351

How are you going to recharge all the new electric cars? Do you have any idea how much energy would be needed to recharge electric cars is their numbers would increase dramatically...lucky for US Trump is for cheap fossil fuels so recharge that eco car with coal electricity. Liquid fuels are easy to transport and fast way to recharge lots of energy to vehicles.

Comment Re:BTW, ethanol washes away oil (Score 1) 351

True, but at 15% you won't know the difference. Might as well be using low quality oil. You know there are oils that are ethanol tested? Once you start using E85 the washing effect becomes an issue to deal with, usually meaning that one should check the oil pan after 1000km to see what kind on crap ethanol has removed from your engine and oil channels.

Comment Re:Bzzzt! Wrong direction! (Score 2) 351

No positives in ethanol, performance car owners could not disagree more. E85 has much higher octane than gasoline and it has a cooling effect on the engine allowing much higher turbo boost with out risk of premature ignition (knock). So more power with less risk of engine failure. Life is too short to drive a boring car.

Comment Re:And everyone's fuel mileage goes down. (Score 1) 351

Emissions from ethanol are much lower than gasoline. The problem with US is that they produce corn (food) to create ethanol with bad efficiency. They should be using biowaste (lots of that in most western countries) to distill the ethanol. That way it's a double win for enviroment. Bio waste gets collected, recycled as fuel and composted after ethanol process. Finnish ST1 is a good example on how to do it.

Comment Why grow raw materials? (Score 1) 242

I don't understand the need to grow food to be converted to ethanol. It seems stupid and a waste. ST1 is a Finnish energy producer that converts bio waste to ethanol. IMHO they get the bulk of their material from factories like bread makers. They also gather bio waste from city residents. I'm not completely sure what they do with the waste from ethanol production.

Comment Americas Army (Score 5, Insightful) 465

Americas Army has always focused on realism. You can't run too fast, you can't jump too high or continously. If you fall too far you'll break a leg and bleed to death. And yes you usually die after the first hit from AK47. It's possible to have a medic bind your wounds, but you won't get to 100% stay slow and weak. I used to play it a lot and loved it. Too bad they stopped making linux ports.

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