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Comment Re:Warranty Shouldn't Matter (Score 1) 359

Even better than baking the whole motherboard in an oven is to make a heat shield with a hole and use a heat gun to just "cook" the chip, so you minimize risk of damage to other areas of the board. Example video here: I did this method a while back on my mom's old defective HP DV2000 and its worked great ever since.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 3, Funny) 261

Reminds me of the time my boss wanted to call a new line of cleaning products "Blue Ice". He wasnt amused when I pointed out that in addition to the well known cooler packs, customers searching for us would be getting results mentioning frozen balls of piss & shit ejected from airliners, and Walter White's blue wonder meth lol

Comment Re:You should think of what your teachers expect (Score 3, Interesting) 356

Instead of guessing or tape measuring remaining filament lengths, is there some reason you can't weigh the remaining materials? Seems like the filament would be a consistent diameter and density that with a scale of decent precision you could weigh a known length and have a fairly accurate idea of the remaining length.

Comment Re:Gimp (Score 1) 176

Our "Marketing" manager is the same way. The visual atrocities she calls datasheets hurt to look at they are so bad - cheesy drop shadows with hard noisy edges, thumbnail gifs blown up 10x and vastly distorted out of proportion, because you know you HAVE to fill the entire placeholder frame. One time she was going to have a 8' x 18' tradeshow booth wall printed from a powerpoint slide of some godawful 90's clipart and giant Times New Roman text. This was for a 2011 show mind you.

Comment checksum? (Score 1) 614

If the Department of Homeland Security can analyze single spoken "red flag" words in a call, then why the hell cant the carriers do some sort of checksum of the call data coming through their pipes? I'm not saying to "listen in" like a wiretap, just sample bits here and there to build a, "audio-spam" profile that could be matched against other calls since robocalls should have essentially identical voice pattern signatures. Now sure, just like spammers always keep trying to evolve to get around the filters, I'm sure determined robocallers would try tricks like pitch shifting the voice, altering silence durations between sentences, etc... but that seems like it cause them more work to alter the calls (as opposed to dial & press play) than it would to make new match patterns to filter the evasion tactics. Plus the more contorted the messages become, the less effective they would be to any receptive audience... again, think of it like spam - a small % of people might respond to an email offer to buy Viagra, but most of those same people are going to ignore an email offering V1.4g.r.A! because the contortions make the message so much less trustworthy...

Also, as far as dealing with the robocallers who are caught, there should be massive fines AND jailtime just like email spammers. Give a large portion of the fines to the people who got called (to compensate them and promote reporting of robocalls) and also give the telecoms who gathered the data to make a prosecution a slice, so they have a real financial incentive to stop as many robocalls as possible and recoup some of the money lost on their audio-spam profiling operations.

And if the robocaller happens to be outside our jurisdiction, call in a drone strike and label them an enemy combatant ;)

Comment Re:Planted Likes? (Score 1) 98

I'm beginning to think the same thing. A couple weekends ago, my girlfriend was on fb on her phone, and she said "oh I didnt realize you stella artois?" Uh I dont actually... I think stella sucks and never would have liked it on fb, yet there I am in her feed as a sponsored story. I logged in and displayed all my likes and sure enough it was there.... I tried to locate when I liked it in my timeline but never did find it

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 0) 150

If they make the 6 soldiers a bit more powerful that might be alright. Most missions I usually dont use the whole 10+ team, since unless you take the time to rotate soldiers around, the first 6 or so do most of the work and wind up w the highest stats. And if more than 2 of my best guys die on a mission chances are I'm going to restart from save anyways. They just better keep the hovertanks!

Submission + - Physicists claim detection of dark matter (

grouchomarxist writes: Physicists at the University of Michigan claim that they have made the first detection of dark matter. 'Dark matter, whose composition is still a mystery, doesn't emit or absorb light, so astronomers can't see it directly with telescopes. They deduce that it exists based on how its gravity affects visible matter. Scientists estimate that dark matter makes up more than 80 percent of the universe. To "see" the dark matter component of the filament that connects the clusters Abell 222 and 223, Dietrich and his colleagues took advantage of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. They were able to determine the extent to which the supercluster distorted galaxies, and with that information, they could plot the gravitational field and the mass of the Abell 222 and 223 clusters. "It looks like there's a bridge that shows that there is additional mass beyond what the clusters contain, the clusters alone cannot explain this additional mass," Dietrich said.' Article in nature is here.

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