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Comment Re:Which was always obvious. (Score 1) 144

Motorola isn't a Google child company. Motorola Mobility is a company which Google has agreed to purchase from Motorola, but the purchase has not yet been completed.

Google's not buying it from Motorola. Motorola spun off Motorola Mobility in January 2011. At the same time, the parent company changed its name to “Motorola Solutions”, so there is no longer any company just called “Motorola”.

Comment Re:Atari did not do it first. (Score 1) 203

The Amiga really was the successor to the Atari 2600 and the Atari 8-bit computers. The graphics hardware of all of them were designed by Jay Miner. Both the Amiga and the Atari computers were able to change the display mode from one scan line to another, and the graphics hardware used display lists to do this without involving the CPU.

Comment Not tours exactly, but they do host fundraisers (Score 1) 85

Every year, Pixar hosts a benefit for San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum. There are screenings, Q&A sessions, and exhibits of pre-production artwork. The last one was November 6th, so it will be almost another year before the next one. http://cartoonart.org/2010/10/seventh-annual-cartoon-art-museum-benefit-at-pixar-animation-studios/

Comment Re:the best. (Score 1) 553

What really killed C++ for me was when a student created a situation like this:

std::string somefunction(){}

The fact that such a thing can compile is a glaring error. A function that declares a return type should have a return statement in it, and that should be beyond question. In C, failing to actually return will cause you to have corrupt data; in C++, it can cause a crash, when a temporary object that was never created is destroyed (and happens to have a virtual destructor, which is common).

Corrupt data can just as easily crash a C program. Suppose the function should allocate and return a nul-terminated string, but it falls off the end:

char * somefunction()

// ...
char *s = somefunction()
printf("%s\n", s);

Comment It doesn't have a street address (Score 1) 650

My theory is that the search feature relies on street addresses. The Lincoln Memorial doesn't have one, but the FDR Memorial does. The US Capitol doesn't have a street address either. If you search for it, the first hit is the nearby visitor's center. The second hit is on the building itself, but the title is in Chinese for some reason.

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