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Comment Re:Except It Isn't (Score 1) 104

This thing where the PS4 isn't powerful enough is flawed logic.

The PS4 won't be able to push it's current games into that resolution, but if you can simply focus on performance (60-120 fps) and gameplay. There are a number of 3D games that, while dated, still have a solid art style going for them with unique enough gameplay experiences that people still play or will play at a discount price. Point is, lower the demand of polys and textures and you have plenty of horsepower for keeping the latency down and frames up.

Maybe you're old, maybe you're just not keeping up on what technologies and programming can do with this thing. OculusVR isn't just TRICKING everyone. The applications are many and there are even more unexplored ones.

Remote Telecommunications (
Logistics Coordination
Out of Body Experience Generator
Arcade Laser Tag

Point is it's not going to be a niche, it's going to be a lot of niches.

Comment This has a lot of awesome potential (Score 1) 171

Seems like the implication is that it can do more than just pass through. I suspect it can manipulate the video stream as well. Imagine having live tv you can watch in a game. Locations like apartments, in front of electronic stores, up on a giant screen in times square! I think they've already kind of shown the idea of watching a football game overlaid with your fantasy football league app. Examples Here: The xbox can also presumably talk to your cable box, or an alternate media player (xbmc?) through HDMI using CEC. A scenario might be that you're playing a game and your girlfriend comes in and is like "Yo babe my show is on in 5 minutes!" So you can finish up your game and change your video sources' channel and later switch to it. All while hanging onto your xbox controller, no changing remotes or paying for expensive programmable ones. The "snap" verb refers to the windows RT/8 "metro" style. You're not using windows on the system, you're allocating a variable width vertical slice of screen real estate the the other interface. Sounds like it could be pretty cool. I'd want my steambox to be able to do that too.

Comment Re:What is the best online backup service? (Score 2) 154

Amazon Glacier is supposed to be pretty cool for long term archival. It's cheap per gigabyte, but the caveat is that there is a wait time to pull your data out of their archives, so it's not suitable for something that needs to be online immediately. Haven't tried it quite yet, but the idea makes sense to me.

Comment Manual Encrypted Backups (Score 1) 154

I recently bought a 3TB drive and filled up my case entirely. I took out my old 750 and 640GB drives and got an Orico 2 Bay Drive dock. One will consist of an encrypted volume filled with all my non-video media backups and virtual machine disk images, and the other will contain my system image via windows backup. I'll probably update the backups ever month or so. Plus I can pull the drives out of this thing and store them in a cool dry place in static bags in case my computer gets struck by lightning.

Comment Re:the most interesting tech intel puts out these (Score 1) 133

I agree with your views. A cheap, low wattage AMD chip is plenty fast and makes modern OS's go fast. Problem is Intel's stuff is at LEAST a little better, cheaper and lower wattage. If you can save money with an AMD chip, invest in an SSD as well. As far as I'm concerned that is going to make a desktop snappy almost regardless of (modern) processor. If you haven't used one before you don't know how slowly you've been using your system even if you have a top end Intel.

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