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Comment Re:What does it all mean? (Score 4, Informative) 305

In Role Playing Game (RPG) parlance, an NPC is a Non-Player Character. Anything beyond the scenery and objects that is not directly controlled by a player, in other words. A 'city' is just that - an in-game hub of sorts, which, I think, is usually represented by a dedicated server in online games. Or the other way round. *shrug*.

Whether or not there's any actual role-playing going on in these online games is a different matter.

Comment Order a bunch... (Score 1) 200

... of cheap MiFi 3G routers from sw-box or brando, or use cheap but reliable brands like TP-Link or Huawei. I don't know where you are but these can be had for as little as $15 in Indonesia. You don't need fancy firmware and in-depth features, just connectivity over a short range.

Just use this network for an informative "Oh that's nice" role - nothing mission critical, but everything mission 'helpful'. Don't use it for live comms; but using it for advanced notification (before they get there and ask) in order to negate the need for live comms should be okay. Don't use it for anything at the scene, conditions will most likely be WiFi-unfriendly anyway.

With 2 on vehicles and 1 on each person (dump the casing and put the contents in more convenient/robust containers on a belt or something), with select 3G capability on each vehicle, you should be able to make a sweet logistics net.

Oh, make sure the enclosures for all your toys are fully waterproof. Things could get embarassing otherwise.

Comment Proxomitron (Score 1) 454

I run a small computer lab with 30 workstations. All internet traffic goes through my machine, to Proxomitron which caches using Proxy+. The good thing about Proxomitron is how customizable it is - I have categories of web sites which can be toggled on and off at will; for example, when all the kids have finished their work, facebook gets enabled. Unfortunately the author died and it was closed-source. Also unfortunately the various attempts at a replacement have all failed in one way or another. You can filter specific content on any web site: eg,

. The filter list I use catches the vast majority of smut, adverts and other undesirables but there's no way you'll catch them all.

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