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Comment I'm not overly concerned (Score 5, Insightful) 113

From what I understood from this article, and a surprisingly poorly written one for a newspaper imo, is simply that their private facebook postings maybe relevant to a civil court case, and they'll have to provide them to the other side.

I don't see any problems here. In reading groklaw over the years I was surprised at the level of disclosure IBM and SCO had to provide eachother, whole servers of data were exchanged.

The moral of the story and a good example in the article: If you're on disability and post pics of yourself skiing on your facebook, even only visible to 'friends', don't be surprised if it comes back to bite you in the ass.

Submission + - Data Mining Moves to Human Resources

theodp writes: "Just when you thought annual reviews couldn't get worse, BusinessWeek reports that HR departments at companies like Microsoft and IBM are starting to use mathematical analysis to determine the value of each employee. At an undisclosed Internet company, analysis of (non-verbal) communications was used to produce a circle to represent each employee — those determined to generate or pass along valuable info were portrayed as large and dark-colored circles ("thought leaders" and "networked curators"), while those with small and pale circles were written off as not adding a hell of a lot. "You have to bring the same rigor you bring to operations and finance to the analysis of people," explains Microsoft's Rupert Bader. Hey, who could argue with what Quants did for finance?"

Submission + - New Laser System Targets Mosquitoes (

An anonymous reader writes: In the Cold War the so-called "Star Wars defense system" proposed using lasers to destroy incoming Soviet missiles. In a 2007 brainstorming session aimed at combating malaria, Dr. Lowell Wood, the architect of that system, proposed modifying his original idea to kill mosquitoes. The cover of today's Wall Street Journal contains an article that highlights this initiative as well as a few others, like using a giant flashlight to disrupt mosquitoes' vision and using the insects to vaccinate, in the war against malaria. The system is intelligent enough to avoid noncombatants like humans and butterflies and can even tell the difference between females, the blood-drinkers, and males. My favorite quote: "We'd be delighted if we destabilize the human-mosquito balance of power."

Submission + - Linked Data for hardware on Linux/BSD?

tenco writes: After viewing Tim Berners-Lee's TED talk on Linked Data I asked myself if there's already linked data out there for hardware which Linux/BSD can be run on. The benefits could be huge. Think of datasets which would contain information like hardware revision, firmware version,hardware bus, kernel versions which the piece of hardware works with, etc. Today, AFAIK, hardware compatibility lists are scattered across the web on wikis, fora and distributions webpages. Maybe we should start to link it together?

Journal Journal: eDrawtica

Just setting up my eDrawtica page. I'm using Freenet as a webhost and alternative to dumping my image collection onto a file sharing website, like RapidShare, etc. I think Freenet has the potential to host controversial material and ideas other than the usual boogie man of 'cp'. My group has a sample, 100MB limit of 5GB, of my collection of erotic drawings, images, paintings, cartoons, hentai and more. Check out the files section of this group. The main collection is hosted primarily on the Fre

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