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Comment Re:This is kidding (Score 2) 766

Ok.. lets get this straight.. I for one am a female and A)not a christian (not that its bad to be one) B) not a feminist and c) love my boyfriend of 4 years who is a total computer geek. I totally thought the article was RIGHT ON. My boyfriend and I hardly discuss anything about the computer because thats what he does on his own time and I do what I want to on my own time. I dont ask him to dress like he came out of GQ and I totally respect his love for code (love hate.. :)) I know that being a computer geek is part of his personality and frankly, I love it. I think its interesting to learn new things from him and by me not being a computer geek, he has a chance to learn things from me as well. I think the article was completely right on.. take if from me I am dating a guy who used to spend about 18 hours out of his day on the computer.. there is hope.. :)

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