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Comment Re:This is not the Hole you are looking for (Score 1) 32

This really is a serious issue. Even if the system is not damaged during an emergency, it can be overwhelmed and we lose the ability to communicate. We definitely need to push for reliability standards as the cell system is no longer an auxiliary channel but is the main voice communications system.

Comment Re:night inclement weather (Score 3, Interesting) 91

Not necessarily. Lidar can use multiple beams and multiple wavelengths to work around this.
"Velodyne's LiDAR sensors work well in snow, sleet, and rain. The multiple beam approach of Velodyne's LiDAR sensors with laser beams with millions of laser beams at different angles enables to find "holes" in-between the snowflakes to "see" the environment. An inferior LiDAR with only one or a few laser beams would not work as well as one with 16, 32 or 64 laser beams."

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