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Comment Re: H-1B Workers (Score 1) 267

What you saw was a fraud. There is nowhere in the U.S. where employers are not required to be fully insured for such accidents. Even if the person had to pay on their own, the normal process would be for the hospital to do everything possible to save the fingers. They would then write off any loss or apply to one of our many charities that help cover the costs in cases like this. One of the reasons healthcare is so expensive here for those that can pay is because we subsidize those who can't.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 667

Fortunately, the old testament is history and not the current doctrine of Christianity. Your also ignoring the fact that you would have a very hard time finding any Christians that believe it is their duty to conquer the world. You will have no problem finding Muslims who believe it is.

Comment Re:That's a load of bullshit. (Score 1) 667

You seem to willfully ignore the statements in their holy books, the statements of their clerics, and the actually beliefs of a majority of Muslims.

and way too many more to link it yourself.

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